Sunday, June 25, 2006

Wow, what a week...

Obvs, Ozzie doesn't deep throat!

I've been slightly preoccupied all day. I have an oral surgery exam tomorrow, which I could honestly care less about, an ortho final on Thursday (ditto), and an endo exam on Friday (double ditto). You see, I had a conversation this afternoon that rivals any conversation I've ever had. Been reassessing my life all day. Dental school will have to wait. It's been one of those weekends.

Earlier this week I started my first molar root canal. Check that, my first root canal. I enjoyed it (sounds weird, doesn't it...), and look forward to doing a ton more. I think dentists charge somewhere between $600-1000 per root canal, (+) roughly the same for a full coverage restoration (crown), depending on the difficulty, so someday I might be able to pay back a fraction of my loans. I plan on keeping both of my kidneys, take that Zo.

I'm sick of this whole Ozzie vs. Mariotti thing. Face it, people call each other's part of our culture. I don't think Ozzie hates gay people, I just think it slipped out. Get over it, move on... Mariotti is a douche...that would have been a better term to use.

Caught The Stills at Intonation yesterday and was totally blown away. Great stage presence, good music, and a fair amount of cowbell. High on Fire and the Boredoms were absolutely worthless...terrible bands. You couldn't pay me to see them again. Ghostface did not disappoint. Dude brought 50 scantily clad women on stage with him during his set. Cocaine, crazy drug. I was so whipped by 8 p.m. last night that I didn't even stay for The Streets. I'm not a huge fan, so I'm sure I didn't miss much...

I've been blogging on myspace a little, but I think i enjoy blogger a bit more. If i can manage to get back in the habit of daily updating all of you wankers as to the progress of my life, I think i'll be a happier person.

This is pretty much me, right now. I really recommend the Octoberman jam. If you haven't checked him out, do yourself a favor and figure it out. God damn Canada. Must be something in the water.

The Stills - Killer Bees
The Streets - When you wans't famous
Pilate - Barely Listening
Fembots - Prison Memoirs of an anarchist
Octoberman - X Pat
Kinnie Starr - Anything (.asx)

Saturday, June 10, 2006 got those hands.......

After receiving an overwhelming amount of support, i've decided to continue on with the blogging. Thanks to all the kiddos who sent me encouraging emails. Cheers! Rocked out tonight, hardcore.....ummm...went to a bar...did a $25 all you can drink special and then came home to rock out to birds of wales. Rooooooock!

Fall of the 49 - Birds of Wales

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ryan is back....that's right bloggers!

Well, well, well. It's been a while kiddos. I'm sure no one really reads this blog anymore, but in a ridiculous attempt to put my life back together, I've decided to start blogging again. Recent life alterting activities lead me to believe that this will be good for without further edu', lets get to it.

I've got a ton of patients at the D-school right now. Mostly nasty people with a few teeth left, but I've got some descent mouths to work on too. Guy comes in last week complaining of tooth pain, and has one of his lower incisors held in place by calculus. Lets call it a calculus bridge.....riiiiight....

The MLB draft finished earlier this week, and boy oh boy did the Cubs blow it. Their first round pick is seen by many as a wasted pick, and they drafted Jeff Samardzija who will almost assuredly play in the NFL someday. I often hear cubs fans complaining about the team, but they fail to remember that it starts from the bottom up. The cardinals had a descent draft, and went RP happy in the middle rounds. Looks like they're preparing for life after Izzy.

• The word is that the Cubs will give Notre Dame RHP -- and star wide receiver -- Jeff Samardzija whatever it takes to get him signed. Years back, Gary Hughes, now a special assistant with the Cubs, drafted and signed John Lynch for the Marlins. Lynch got to Double-A, only to turn his sole attention to the NFL. This will be a fascinating story.

Speaking of drafts, Tyrus Thomas could be the first pick in the upcoming NBA lottery. God I hope the Bulls don't manage to get this guy....really do...

Is Jason Grimsley's use of human growth hormone a big deal? I think it is. If some mediocre middle reliever is using the shizz, then i'm sure everyone is. Albert Pujols, you are not exoneratedd (sad face).

Snow Patrol (yankers) are playing at the Vic this weekend. I'm not really excited about their new album, after a few listens, but would consider going to see The Duke Spirit (kind of like The Kills). It's all good, welcome me back biotch.

The Duke Spirit - Lion Rip
The Duke Spirit - Salt The Stings
The Duke Spirit - Win Your Love

"Yes and it counts!" -Marv