Friday, February 10, 2006

Rest in Peace Arrested Development...

If you were in Chicago last night, which I wasn't cause I'm all "central Illinois" trying to ride my bike for three hours a-day, I hope you caught Saturday Looks Good to Me. If you didn't, it's the beach boys circa 2K6. Groovy....

Saturday Looks Good to Me - Lift Me Up (3.1M)
Saturday Looks Good to Me - Underwater Heartbeat (2.2M)

As fer' is really kicking my ass (thus the lack of blogage). I have real patients, now, that want me to like do work on them and what not, so it's sort of time consuming, but you know, public aide people need teeth too.... I had a guy the other day in our little "aids clinic" who had the worst mouth I've ever scene. Nasty, nasty stuff. We're talking two plus masks and his breath still smelled horrible. Unfortunatley, I had to tell the guy that we were going to pull all of his teeth and give him a cheap-o set of dentures. I'm guessing that was the least of his worries, and he was super stoked to get some new chompers...rock....

Caught the Arrested Development finale tonight and cried a little bit at the end...gonna miss that one. Speaking of TV, the OC has gone straight to hell. Fast. Like Terri Hatcher fast... Holly random introduction of marginally interesting characters Batman. Thursday's episode was worthless and I couldn't help but watch the onslaught of shit that Fox threw at me. They totally ignored the Seth/Pot story plot and I was pissed... What happened to our sweet little hip, music friendly show. Not even the super-hero that is Sufjan Stevens could save an episode where no one seemed to care that their best buddy, six episode Johnny, died. Worthless I tell you. If you still watch the OC, I know you are angry like me, and it's going to be ok....Dancing with the Stars is still rockin' strong.

Been riding my bike a ton lately and I'm getting ready for weather that isn't in the 20s....should be great....hopefully I can start blogging more, but I can't make any promises as I'm a very important person... :) More important than you...that's for damn sure...

Roberto Heras, or Rubber-toe as we like to call him here, got hammered by the UCI last week....guess you can't take epo and be a pro cyclist. Someone tell Lance Armstrong that shizz......... McCall out...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Grammy Shaft-ola for Kanye

Ahhhh…the Grammys. Time for all the stars in music to get together for some really god awful collaborations, five trophies can get mercifully handed over to U2 and Kanye West can get screwed out of another Album of the Year. Yes, he deserved it more so than the other crap that was up for it.

In case you missed it: John Legend took a couple, Kelly Clarkson represented American Idol by grabbing two for her mantle, one of which will probably go to Simon, and Madonna looked like a worn-out slut, but what’s new.

Speaking of American Idol, there is a guy from my town down here in NC who made it into the top 24. Whoop-t-shit. Guess he’s quite the douchebag around town, go figure.

U2 walked away with album of the year. Kanye will surely start up his “I got screwed at the Grammys” shit, pronto. Fiona Apple showed up and looked like a ghost. Lay off the smack Ms. Apple. And Sly Stone was honored with one of the dumbest tributes ever, funked up.

Mariah has one beat, but giant breasts.

White Stripes 1, The Arcade Fire 0.

Beyonce is beautiful, Gwen Stafani is still hot (with child), Terri Hatcher is on crack and Alicia Keys still looks like a pear, a juicy pear.

Mr. West had the biggest performance of the night (chalked full with a marching band, frat dudes, half-naked bitches and Jamie Foxx).

Not to be out done by the mix-up of Jay-Z, Linkin Park and Sir Paul McCartney was something. Not sure what to make of that. So glad Jay-Z took off making albums to sing “Yesterday.”
See for yourself

Just can’t get over Fiona Apple…. she must be up to 12 pounds by now!

Same old shit at work. They fired the dumb girl and things are getting better. Went to a NC State game last Sunday, bad ass. ACC basketball is for real, as was Duke/Carolina two nights ago. This state loves them some college basketball.

Gramps is coming down here in the next few weeks. I plan to unleash him on bouncers in SC.

Some tunes…
English band The Kooks, pretty rockin.
The Kooks [Web site]
The Kooks - Naive [mp3]
The Kooks - Jackie Big song title of the year [mp3]

A band named Ms. John Soda...very Postal Servicey, so if that's your bag! New cuts of upcoming album:
Ms. John Soda - Outlined View [mp3]
Ms. John Soda - A Million Times [mp3]