Saturday, January 21, 2006

Happy Moonday Kiddos.....

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. My/Our birthday went well. Mere and I went out to dinner with some friends on Friday night to celebrate and then made the obligatory pilmigrage to Goose Island to slam back some brew-dogs. Good times.

Say Hi To Your Mom (nay, Eric Elbogen) has one of the worst band names, ever. Ohh well. Via their website: "Say Hi To Your Mom simultaneously defies and enforces physics. We're the mumbling in your head while you're crunching the numbers. We're the apparitions, ticks, gut wrenching, suspicion and glee too. We're the reason you rolled a nineteen for charisma, the cat's meow, your least favorite aunt. Touch us and we'll touch you....." (more here). I think that about sums up their style. Fans of Her Space Holiday and such bands should dig these tunes...

Dimensions And Verticals
The Forest Scares The Hell Out Of Me
Yeah, I'm In Love With An Android (Beautiful?!?)

Stream ) in your cubicle while you work for the man.

More Chicago music! Hoooray!
The Narrator play punkish-rock-loud music. That is all you can say. Did I mention that they are loud? Not really arranged, but it works.....if you are an angry dwarf back at work this fine monday, this might be a band for you.

The Narrator - Pregnant Boys MP3
The Narrator - All Are Assassins


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