Thursday, January 19, 2006

Bound Stems and I play catch up...

Lots going on in my world that I haven't been able to write about here. Kyle and I share a birthday. It's Sunday. Dental School is still hella lame, the Bulls/Bears/Blackhawks are worthless, and it's cold in the Midwest. That about sums it up.

Speaking of the Bulls, I'm fairly sure none of you watched the Bulls/Knicks game last night, but some a-hole in the stands threw a beer at former Bull Antonio Davis' wife. So god ole' AD runs out into the stands and defends his woman. Snaps for AD. Woulda done the same thing hommie. Eddy Curry made his fat-return to his hometown and almost died on the court. Called it months ago.
AD Fights for his girl

Pitchfork nailed the
Strokes review. The album sucks. Sorry kiddos. Last month I was listening to a Q101 interview with the Strokes and the guys totally blew off the DJ (they were actually pretty rude), so they are on my shitlist for the new year. Dickbacks they are.

Jeffrey Foucault is starting to gain a little "hype" here in the blog world, and I couldn't be happier. Great tunes, that guy.

My old
Shure E2s spunked out again, so the good people at Shure hooked me up with the E3s. Great company, can't reccomend them enough.

For all of you Sopranos fans, check out the local Chicago papers over the next few weeks. The Feds recently nabbed Joey the Clown, reputed mob boss. Dude had serious clout back in the day and was apparently a stone-cold killer. They make movies about guys like this. Crazy.
Feds nab Joey the Clown
Joey Clowns around in court

Tons of Chicago music has been floating around the internet as of late and I'd like to throw another worthy band's hat into the ring of Chi-town supremecy. The Bound stems are made up of four high school friends and one guy who played in Harvey Danger. It's weird pop, think goofy Arcade Fire minus the 42 people on stage. Some people liken them to the Fiery Furnaces, but I just don't see it. Whatever. Pitchfork recenly gave them a desce' review (
EP), and they are Spin's band of the month for Febuaray. Groovy. From their EP The Logic of Building the Body Plan, which I think is a great title, enjoy:

Bound Stems - Crimes and Follies
Bound Stems - My Kingdom for a Trundle Bed

More music here (
They'll be at the empty bottle on Friday. You should go.


Anonymous justin said...

chicago should adopt and love this band. seems like they work hard.

9:23 AM  
Blogger Ryan said...

I agree.

11:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also agree.

3:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And I concur...

11:59 AM  
Anonymous said...

The chap is absolutely just, and there is no question.

2:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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