Thursday, December 08, 2005

Then do the twist....

Hello, hello, hello to the three faithful readers, Season’s greetings from N.C. It’s not really that cold here, so if you are freezing your ass off from the nasty winter weather, sucks to be you. It got down to 40 today, people freaked out. Great weather, dumb people.

Above is a picture of the 2005 model of the bike ordered by your's truly (pick it up the 26th). The paint job is different on the 06, but it is one sweet ride nonetheless. The damn thing is worth more than the Buick.

Not much new on my front that I can blog about regarding work. If I see you over Christmas, you can hear all about it. Just make sure you have plenty of time and plenty of booze. Speaking of Christmas, flying out of Raleigh on the 23rd into the Chi city where Ryno and I will then proceed to drink Chicago’s supply of Goose Island beer and freeze our dangles off. God it’s going to be/already is cold up there. Be in Effingham/Newton the 24/25, but sadly have to fly out Monday night.

Saluki football’s season ended at Appalachian State last weekend. Joel Sambursky (the QB) lost the game by gift-wrapping two picks, which lead to 10 Mountaineer points. The Dawgs are struggling on the hardwood, too. Could be a long year in the Valley. Oh what’s that? Yeah UNI did beat Iowa and Indiana fell at Indiana State, all on the same mother flippin day. Big Ten? Big Weak Sister!

Drove down to Charlotte to see the Panthers kill the demon that is Michael Vick. Vick had beaten the Panthers 5 times since joining the league and Sunday the Cats played like someone shit in their cheerios. Great game, Carolina might have a shot at the Super Bowl if they can get past DA BEARS!

Orton is a giant toolbox (albeit he’s won 8 straight) and if he fails to win in Pittsburgh this weekend, bench his candy ass and put in RexMan, hell put in Urlacher. *Cheese TV voice: Hello, I’m the president of the “Bench Orton Fan club” our motto is “Winning 8 in a row really isn’t a big deal.”*

Listening to a ton of music lately. Pretty much when I wake up on the alarm all the way to when I fall asleep. Here's a taste of what's on the battery-dead-iPod. Santa, bring me a video iPod loaded with movies of, uh, don't say porn...OK, think of something other than porn...OK, got nothing.

Stay warm!
Tunes for some Rogue Wave for Ryan to put up and will get to some new Ryan Adams tracks from "29." The man puts out an album every week.

Some live White Stripes, rawk. Anybody catch them on the Daily Show? These songs kick ass live:
White Stripes - As Ugly As I Seem (Live)
White Stripes - The Denial Twist (Live)

Remixes of Beck songs. Didn't really care for the whole lot of them, but judge for yourself.
Beck - Hell Yes (Remix)
Beck - Vultures (Remix)
Beck - E-Pro (Remix)

Interpol remixes....where have you been moody rockers?
Interpol - Public Perver (Carlos D Remix)
Interpol - NARC (Paul Banks Remix)

Couple cuts off Dave Matthew's "Weekend on the Rocks." Robert Randolph (somewhere in the jam) on Bayou.
Dave Matthews Band - Smooth Rider (Live)
Dave Matthews Band - Louisiana Bayou (Live with Robert Randolph)

And who could forget the new John Mayer Trio. It's actually pretty good — minus the whiney girl shit — so give him a break.
John Mayer Trio - I Got a Woman Who doesn't use the Ray Charles hook these days?
John Mayer Trio - Vultures (New song)


Anonymous C. Shannon Crawford said...

Have either of you ever heard of Ménage?

1:33 AM  
Blogger Satisfied '75 said...

im heading to charlotte in 2 weeks!

1:38 AM  
Blogger Yonadav said...

Can you repost the hell yes remix please?

7:38 PM  

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