Saturday, December 03, 2005

Dallas Green

Is a cool guy. Much cooler than I am. I'm guessing that his life isn't based on teeth and the study of said teeth, so that makes him cool in my book. His music is nice, too. Little emo'ish but he's got a great voice and writes solid songs. Props for doing the solo thing. Save your scissors is right up there with Rogue Wave's California for most played song on my iPod this year. Neato. Check him out, if you haven't allready. Bounce, myspace in the house:

My fantasy football teams are trashed, and the best I can hope for in ye'old fantasy blog fooseball is 5th. Sad. Peyton, running backs, not so nice. There is always next year.

School is hellacious. Lots and lots of studying/working on projects. I love the shit. No, that's a lie, no one does.

Death from Above was chartattack's artist of the year. Canadians are weird.

There was a Tyson Chandler sighting in Chicago last night. Way to go Tys'. Keep your ass out of foul trouble and you could dominate the league. Play big homie, play big.

Looks like the Rose Bowl is going to be a gun fight.
Longhorns obliterated the Buffs, and USC is taking care of business against UCLA. Rock. I'd rather see a Big Ten team and a Pac 10 foe in the rose bowl, but what yah gonna do, it's the BCS folks, money talks.

Dude, A.C. Newman likes John Mayer. I can now listen to him with pride. Kyle likes the new Trio, maybe he should post some of it, so I can listen to it.

I'll get on the postin' when finals are over. School, blah.


Anonymous uwmryan said...

Get ahold of me guys, I want to interview you for my "get to know your blogger" feature. I can't find your e-mail addy's.

8:04 AM  

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