Saturday, December 10, 2005

Chicago is the new Toronto

Lots of Chicago music going around via the net as of late and since I live here, I'm pretty much the expert. The Saps rock harder than any other Chicago band right now. Bar none. Lets see what the "experts" have to say:

"On three EPs and one self-released full-length “finally a band you can trust”, these punkers suggest what the Old97's might sound like if they took the last stick out of their asses.."
The Chicago Reader

"The disk's real gem is "wait", whose first line is, "I got so drunk I wanted to piss on you". The saps have nailed their formula: their rock is drunk, dirty and infectious. It's a beautiful thing."
Splendid Magazine

I don't condone pissing on other people, unless its a homeless person, but shit that's rock, right? 97s, so if you like their stuff give it a run. Speaking of homeless poeple, how do they stay alive in weather like this, it's been below zero with the windchill. Whatever.

The Saps - Break My Spine
The Saps - Dead Friends
The Saps - Wait (ohh yah)

Went to my first "office party," with Mere last night. Crazy. Not like "the office" party crazy, which was awesome btw, but still a smah fest, literally. I'm in the middle of a three week finals run, yah three weeks of assram, but I have two weeks coming up with nothing to do. I plan on getting back on the bike and rocking out.

I've been listening to a ton of The Rocket lately. Sweden in the mother f-in hizzy.

How about
Duke? Reddick is a legit top ten pick. Guy can shoot.

The Hoosiers are going to be awesome. I told your ass like three months ago, Kyle. Solid.


Blogger Jeff said...

I saw The Saps for the first time last month with Two Cow Garage here in St. Louis. It was the last show ever at a local venue. I was very impressed. Check out my thoughts on the show and some pictures of it here.

9:32 PM  

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