Friday, December 30, 2005

We'll be 2006!

Yeah, we're lazy and nobody probably even reads this piece, but that's the beauty of the blogsphere (gay word.) Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and their credit cards aren't destroyed from seasonal buying.

Kyle will be back in 2006 with a top 10 albums of the year mega-post. Sure to look exactly like many other end of the year album bonanzas!

Regular posts will follow and even a blog makeover. Put that graphic design degree to work.

Happy New Year!

Oh, and anything by Anthony and the Johnsons will not be involved.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

New Mogwai

Guess this leaked 12/9 and is all over the 'blogsphere,' but here are a few cuts nonetheless....

From Wikipedia:
Mogwai is a Scottish post-rock band formed in 1995 that has become one of the most influential and best known post-rock bands. They compose lengthy instrumental guitar-based pieces in the post-rock tradition, usually focused around the elaboration of a single theme. The band were originally signed to renowned Glasgow Indie label Chemikal Underground. Their style has been influenced by such bands as The Cure, Joy Division, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Pixies, My Bloody Valentine, and post-rock granddaddies Slint. While Mogwai's sound bears little resemblance to punk rock, the band seem to identify closely with the punk ethic. Their self-run UK label Rock Action Records is named after Stooges drummer Scott Ashton, who had his name changed to Rock Action. Furthermore, "Punk Rock", the opening track on Mogwai's 1999 Come On Die Young, prominently features an extended sample from a 1977 interview with punk rocker Iggy Pop.
During 2004 the band were handed support slots on the tours of two of their heroes, the Pixies and The Cure. Mogwai's influence on the indie rock scene can be heard in the work of Explosions in the Sky and Italians Giardini di Miro. They are signed to Matador Records in the US but run their own label, Rock Action Records for their UK releases.
Mogwai are named after the creatures from the film Gremlins, although Braithwaite comments that "it has no significant meaning and we always intended on getting a better one, but like a lot of other things we never got round to it." [1].
The next Mogwai album is due in March 2006, it is titled Mr. Beast and apparently is a return to the heavier sounds of 1997's [Mogwai Young Team].

Album comes out in March, get a taste now. This album f'n rocks.
[MP3]Mogwai - Acid Food
[MP3] Mogwai - Friend of the Night
[MP3]Mogwai - Folk Death 95

[Full Album RAR via]Mogwai - Mr. Beast

Tune in tomorrow for some tracks off the upcoming Islands album!


3:35a.m. EC....Tookie is dead man. What a media event. Shit got political w/ the Terminator getting ready for another run at office....He did start the Crips gang and gang violence is out of control...Supreme Court wouldn't save his ass...The only thing that could slow it down was an IV... Killed 4 people, never said he was sorry...Merry Christmas!

Murder was the case...

Tookie's site, serious traffic, getting slammed
Crips history...for kids
CNN's take
Movie (Jamie Foxx)

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Chicago is the new Toronto

Lots of Chicago music going around via the net as of late and since I live here, I'm pretty much the expert. The Saps rock harder than any other Chicago band right now. Bar none. Lets see what the "experts" have to say:

"On three EPs and one self-released full-length “finally a band you can trust”, these punkers suggest what the Old97's might sound like if they took the last stick out of their asses.."
The Chicago Reader

"The disk's real gem is "wait", whose first line is, "I got so drunk I wanted to piss on you". The saps have nailed their formula: their rock is drunk, dirty and infectious. It's a beautiful thing."
Splendid Magazine

I don't condone pissing on other people, unless its a homeless person, but shit that's rock, right? 97s, so if you like their stuff give it a run. Speaking of homeless poeple, how do they stay alive in weather like this, it's been below zero with the windchill. Whatever.

The Saps - Break My Spine
The Saps - Dead Friends
The Saps - Wait (ohh yah)

Went to my first "office party," with Mere last night. Crazy. Not like "the office" party crazy, which was awesome btw, but still a smah fest, literally. I'm in the middle of a three week finals run, yah three weeks of assram, but I have two weeks coming up with nothing to do. I plan on getting back on the bike and rocking out.

I've been listening to a ton of The Rocket lately. Sweden in the mother f-in hizzy.

How about
Duke? Reddick is a legit top ten pick. Guy can shoot.

The Hoosiers are going to be awesome. I told your ass like three months ago, Kyle. Solid.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Then do the twist....

Hello, hello, hello to the three faithful readers, Season’s greetings from N.C. It’s not really that cold here, so if you are freezing your ass off from the nasty winter weather, sucks to be you. It got down to 40 today, people freaked out. Great weather, dumb people.

Above is a picture of the 2005 model of the bike ordered by your's truly (pick it up the 26th). The paint job is different on the 06, but it is one sweet ride nonetheless. The damn thing is worth more than the Buick.

Not much new on my front that I can blog about regarding work. If I see you over Christmas, you can hear all about it. Just make sure you have plenty of time and plenty of booze. Speaking of Christmas, flying out of Raleigh on the 23rd into the Chi city where Ryno and I will then proceed to drink Chicago’s supply of Goose Island beer and freeze our dangles off. God it’s going to be/already is cold up there. Be in Effingham/Newton the 24/25, but sadly have to fly out Monday night.

Saluki football’s season ended at Appalachian State last weekend. Joel Sambursky (the QB) lost the game by gift-wrapping two picks, which lead to 10 Mountaineer points. The Dawgs are struggling on the hardwood, too. Could be a long year in the Valley. Oh what’s that? Yeah UNI did beat Iowa and Indiana fell at Indiana State, all on the same mother flippin day. Big Ten? Big Weak Sister!

Drove down to Charlotte to see the Panthers kill the demon that is Michael Vick. Vick had beaten the Panthers 5 times since joining the league and Sunday the Cats played like someone shit in their cheerios. Great game, Carolina might have a shot at the Super Bowl if they can get past DA BEARS!

Orton is a giant toolbox (albeit he’s won 8 straight) and if he fails to win in Pittsburgh this weekend, bench his candy ass and put in RexMan, hell put in Urlacher. *Cheese TV voice: Hello, I’m the president of the “Bench Orton Fan club” our motto is “Winning 8 in a row really isn’t a big deal.”*

Listening to a ton of music lately. Pretty much when I wake up on the alarm all the way to when I fall asleep. Here's a taste of what's on the battery-dead-iPod. Santa, bring me a video iPod loaded with movies of, uh, don't say porn...OK, think of something other than porn...OK, got nothing.

Stay warm!
Tunes for some Rogue Wave for Ryan to put up and will get to some new Ryan Adams tracks from "29." The man puts out an album every week.

Some live White Stripes, rawk. Anybody catch them on the Daily Show? These songs kick ass live:
White Stripes - As Ugly As I Seem (Live)
White Stripes - The Denial Twist (Live)

Remixes of Beck songs. Didn't really care for the whole lot of them, but judge for yourself.
Beck - Hell Yes (Remix)
Beck - Vultures (Remix)
Beck - E-Pro (Remix)

Interpol remixes....where have you been moody rockers?
Interpol - Public Perver (Carlos D Remix)
Interpol - NARC (Paul Banks Remix)

Couple cuts off Dave Matthew's "Weekend on the Rocks." Robert Randolph (somewhere in the jam) on Bayou.
Dave Matthews Band - Smooth Rider (Live)
Dave Matthews Band - Louisiana Bayou (Live with Robert Randolph)

And who could forget the new John Mayer Trio. It's actually pretty good — minus the whiney girl shit — so give him a break.
John Mayer Trio - I Got a Woman Who doesn't use the Ray Charles hook these days?
John Mayer Trio - Vultures (New song)

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Dallas Green

Is a cool guy. Much cooler than I am. I'm guessing that his life isn't based on teeth and the study of said teeth, so that makes him cool in my book. His music is nice, too. Little emo'ish but he's got a great voice and writes solid songs. Props for doing the solo thing. Save your scissors is right up there with Rogue Wave's California for most played song on my iPod this year. Neato. Check him out, if you haven't allready. Bounce, myspace in the house:

My fantasy football teams are trashed, and the best I can hope for in ye'old fantasy blog fooseball is 5th. Sad. Peyton, running backs, not so nice. There is always next year.

School is hellacious. Lots and lots of studying/working on projects. I love the shit. No, that's a lie, no one does.

Death from Above was chartattack's artist of the year. Canadians are weird.

There was a Tyson Chandler sighting in Chicago last night. Way to go Tys'. Keep your ass out of foul trouble and you could dominate the league. Play big homie, play big.

Looks like the Rose Bowl is going to be a gun fight.
Longhorns obliterated the Buffs, and USC is taking care of business against UCLA. Rock. I'd rather see a Big Ten team and a Pac 10 foe in the rose bowl, but what yah gonna do, it's the BCS folks, money talks.

Dude, A.C. Newman likes John Mayer. I can now listen to him with pride. Kyle likes the new Trio, maybe he should post some of it, so I can listen to it.

I'll get on the postin' when finals are over. School, blah.