Thursday, November 03, 2005

Welcome Back Ryno!

Welp, I've been away for a while and you know what is to blame for my absence. Nothing about dental school today, we've got a ton of stuff to get to.

First off, Franz Ferdinand is covering Air. Not sure how I feel about that.

Dig some of their live stuff (zip files via

Do You Want To - Live SNL 9/22/05
Walk Away - Demo
Suffragette City - Live with Scissor Sisters

I've been hearing a lot of the Lovemakers on the radio, and I thought this was a good time to remind you who was on the train first. Choo Choo! Check out their new single Prepare for the Fight (stream), which is one of the better songs on the album.

The Lovemakers - Prepare for the Fight

I've been going to a lot of shows lately with mere. We saw Nickel Creek and the Ditty Bops last Wednesday and then followed that up with a samples show last Friday. Good times.

The Samples -
Did You Ever Look So Nice (live)
The Samples -
Weight of the World (live)
The Samples -
Prophet of Doom (live)
The Samples -
Giants (live)

Couple more free tunes (via pitchfork):
Killjoy Confetti - Things I Wanna Do

Killjoy Confetti recently recorded nearly a dozen songs collectively titled The Fun Is in Chicago with seminal indie engineer Bob Weston (member of Shellac, engineer of Nirvana, Mission of Burma) and has released the album under Wooden Man Records this fall. The Fun Is ostensibly continues on where their first album left off. Present are the quirky eccentricities--those distinct melodic harmonies, offbeat rhythm patterns, and "big sonic ideas" (Punk Planet)--that made songs like “Bank of America”, “Ode to a Fallen Idol”, and “Holly” so memorable.

Sabrosa Purr - God Damn You

For some, the art of making music is a hobby left to free time between work and life; it isn’t something that needs to be done. Just don’t try telling that to Will Love. As leader of the Los Angeles-based rock band Sabrosa Purr, Love has been blending equal parts dissonant guitars and hushed vocals – as if his life depends on it.

The NBA season is finally here and it looks like the Chicago Bulls are going to be pretty much the same team they were last year. For some reason, they tend to play lazy defense for the first three quarters and then turn it on, gangbusters, in the fourth. Late, great show by Bulls

Down 21 points going into the fourth last night, they rallied to beat Charlotte (eat that Kyle), but that doesn't say much, does it? You do what you can. Eddy Curry's absence hurts big time (along with AD), but Darius Songaila is going to have a big year, hopefully. Brown Era Opens With a Dud, muuuuhhahhha!

Did a NBA fantasy draft last night with a bunch of dentist and I have a pretty stacked team. Missed out on Bron Bron and the first nine picks, but picked up Iverson and Arenas with the 10/11 spots. Gaurd heavy my team will be. Somehow I managed to get Brad Miller and D. Howard, so I think I'll have a better year in basketball than I did football (see Culpepper, Lewis, Clayton, etc..). Glad I missed out on Felton and May. May, Felton starting over after NCAA title. Did someone say overrated. Felton took some really, really bad shots last night late in the game.

Felton is tallented, but D-Williams will be the the Rook' o' The Year. You heard it here first.
Point made. You know D Williams loves caffeine and multiple wives. Nice debut "including a spectacular 61-foot 3-pointer that beat the third quarter-ending buzzer and ignited a fourth-quarter Jazz rally." Righteous.

How good are the Heat going to be? I picked up A. Walker in my draft in the 12th round. Mega score. Walker runs Heat's win

Moose is getting honked off because there isn't a real QB here in Chicago. Duh. Muhammad frustrated, tries to remain patient

Seriously folks. I could care less about Theo Epstein. Who care? Just go to LA and get it over with. A trail of missteps in Epstein talks

Jacque Jones might be a Cardinal next year. That would plug up the outfield nicely. Twins won't make early offer to Jones


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