Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Vigils are played out

Yeah that's right. It seems that every little thing gets a vigil these days. They freakin had a vigil for Rosa Parks down at Southern Illinois University. Don't get me wrong, great idea and all, but vigils have lost the draw. There are vigils for practically everything which has tarnished the vigial image. One vigil that seems OK was when my little sister's pledge friend got hit by a bus, died and they had a vigil. Good enough. But what in the name of all that is vigil worthy does SIU have to do with Rosa Parks? Not a damn thing. Rosa Parks was a great, great woman and she should be celebrated, but a fucking vigil at SIU....oh that is gay.

SIU is totally on my shitlist. First of all they didn't go crazy on Halloween. Bogus. 2000 Halloween was the balls. People tearing shit up and tear gas as far as the nose could smell. Ah, but they did riot for the White Sox winning the World Series. Note to retards at SIU: You are 5 hours south of Chicago and nobody gives two shits about Chicago's weak sister of a baseball team. The Series had the lowest TV ratings ever, and there is a reason for that. Those dumb fucks at SIU wanted to tear down the goalpost at the football field. 300 people wasted and ready to go. Here's an idea: everyone in that group please kill yourself with a sharp object, roadside Iraq bomb or just run into traffic. Ah that diploma looks awesome now. Take that you Harvard faggots. Sorry for the vulgarity, but I enjoy adding a few f-bombs and other sorted words to spice things up. I'm sorry, spice shit up. I'm sure my grandma is so proud.

I'll be damned if riding my bike all the time doesn't make me somewhat angrier. Good times....

Here are some vigil ideas. Feel free to add your own:
Oh man Kyle just took a massive shit and it came out as one entire
log. God that Website is so funny.
Time to get out the candles and start a vigil.
I dripped some coffee on my clean khakis. Stop, vigil time.
Bush nominated some jerk off for the
Supreme Court. Can I use your lighter to get this candle going.
It's November and it's 75 degrees in the South, fuckin vigil style.
Some southern retard with two teeth spelled their name (Virgil) wrong....V.i.g.i.l
Milk in my fridge been sitting there for three weeks and is a science project in progress. Come on over and bring a candle.

Finished Jarhead the book, can't wait for the movie. Being in the Marines doesn't sound like my cup of tea, but it is fun to read about.
Welcome to the Suck.

Richmond Raiders moved up to 36 in the nation. Independence out of Charlotte (where Chris Leak of Florida and the majority of the Georgia Bulldogs are from) are number 6. Not the ranking these people had hoped for, but it's a start. The MLB on the Raiders signed with UNC last week and the word on the street is that the RB is getting looked at by The Ohio State, Michigan, Tennessee, USC (the bad one in S.C.) and most of the N.C. schools.

NBA tips off tonight. Lakers win it all behind Kobe and Phil. Too bad those sucker NBAers have to wear suits now. Should be a fun

I've got a fantasy team loaded with Iverson and AK47. Williams to Kira(however you spell his name) all day.

Not much on the new tunes front.



Blogger Satisfied '75 said...

i think being a marine would suck, but do want to see the movie.

11:22 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

Yah dude, I got a draft tonight w/ some dentists, so hopefully I can pick up andre. You wanna do one with some guys from back home? Scott Weber is all about it. Holler.

10:30 AM  

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