Thursday, November 17, 2005

Death From Above Brings It...electro style...

I really thought I would dislike Death From Above 1979's remix album: Romance Bloody Romance. I liked, not loved, their first album, so I had mixed feelings about their new(er) stuff. I mean, there are four covers of Romantic Rights?!?, great song, don't get me wrong, but are four covers really necessary? That's a whole lotta one song, especially on a 13 song disc. The only song I could listen to 13 times in a row is Kenny Rogers' The Gambler. His shit rocks. All of the artists that DFAB electro-bring in make them more listenable for the mass non-rockers (like myself) out there and their flare for the original is nice. This is a young band that needs to dive further into different genres. Electronic being the first, instrumental coming later. This album is the balls, despite the rr covers, and is on my top 10 for 2005 list, which I need to get to. Rock on. Here are my favs

Little Girl (MSTRKRFT Edition)
Romantic Rights (Marczech Makuziak Remix)
Black History Month (Girl On Girl Featuring Final Fantasy Revision)

Congrats the to the two winners of my Slightly unnoriginal buty totally awesome Supergrass Contest. That's a mouthful, and your emails rocked. Jenn from Chicago and Goose from ummm Pennsylvania are the winners. I'll post Jenns response later this week (she got first place). I've got a shit ton of stuff going on at school right now, thus the lack of posts. Good stuff.

We had an awesome time in Mich' last weekend and my Hoosiers got hammered. IU scored of the first drive of the game and then fell apart. Mere and I left at halftime to get away from angry, socially ackward Michiganers. Ann Arbor is an awesome town, but Michigan has some different people, thats for sure. Backwoods, angry, fans were all over the stadium and very rude to the fifteen people there wearing red. Whatever, we'll see them during basketball season.

Speaking of which, IU is a top 20 team this year, and God willing, a top 10 team when DJ White makes his way back from a broken foot. Australian Freshman Ben Allen is going to step in nicely and clog the lane until DJ can get healthy. With White, IU has a huge, and I mean huge front court with marginal, young gaurds. Sounds like Duke. Get ready for another final four run kiddos, the hoosier's are loaded. From page2: •
And now, for the answer, we go to Indiana hoops coach Mike Davis: If your job is continually on the line and your team has developed a recent reputation for underachieving, is it a good idea to come out in the preseason and say you have the talent to contend for the national championship?

Damn skippy it's a good idea. If Davis can't coach this team, he's gone. The man can recruit, I'll give him that. Being a young black coach in the midwest helps things, but he can't win consistently.

It's go time Mike.

Looks like Manny is going to be a Met.
Mets ship out Cameron

Rut roo, New York sucks Nickas and I love Jamal Crawford, he's a real team player that Jamal Crawford. Isiah: Larry Is Still My Go-To Guy

TO to Hot-Lanta?, he's not going to Oakland. Moss interview owned, btw.
Falcons might go after T.O.

Need a big Defense and special teams this week for fantasy fooseball, how about the Giants?
McMahon to get first QB start in nearly 3 years

The Bulls lost (again!) last night. It might be a long year. Zach Randolph or Z-Bo as he's called is a thug. Big thug that Z-Bo.
Bulls fall short in their Rose goal


Blogger Goose said...

Good thing I didn't win first place because I don't even own an Ipod. Sweet though. I'll be back Friday.

go Bucks.

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go Blue ==> Stink Teeth

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