Friday, November 25, 2005

Couple vids, quickie update

Greetings. Hope everyone had a great Turkey fest and spent the better part of the day eating and watching football like I did. Lets all give a little thanks to my favorite amino acid, tryptophan. Now we're talkin.. Here are couple of videos I've been rocking out to today. They are new to me, so don't get all "ohh your soo behind..." cause that's lamo. If you went shopping today, you're stupid. Wrong move. Windows media format....Cheereio'

New Pornographers - Use It (Not sure I get this one)
Spoon -
Sister Jack
Stephen Malkmus -

Nice little shot at TO here. Big Turkey he is indeed....
Arnie's Neighborhood is rad.
Ice Kappa Melta, now there is a frat Bush would be in. Funny stuff...

Thome is a White Sock, didn't see that coming.
Thome trade could be good for both teams

God the early game yesterday was worthless. Atlanta vs. Detroit. Yawn. I slept through most of it, and it wasn't the turkey.
Mariucci on the chopping block?

Pacers may just win it all. Lebron isn't 21 yet, so he might have to wait a few years.
Pacers end Cavaliers' run


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