Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Youth Group, not the religious zealot stuff:

Dude, if Chris Walla from Death Cab likes a band, then by God, so do I. Psyche. Walla's affirmation of a group doesn't carry any weight here at MYCT, so he's lucky that we happen to enjoy the music of the band Youth Group, who open up for the Cab here in Chicago this evening. Via the OC, like most bloggable bands, their indie pop is easy, charming, and melodic enough to make you glad that Coldplay still has a huge influence worldwide. They hail from down under and describe themselves as being at the forefront of an: "
exciting new era in Australian alternative music" whatever that is. I thought the Australian scene ended when Silverchair died (anyone remember how much those chaps rocked?).

Skeleton Jar
is the bands second album and the first to be released in the US. Left field, yet highly emotive lyrics navigate their way across varied landscapes of pop, folk, and indie rock terrain. The beauty of this album is that every note is well-placed, every strum thought through, economic in the precision of the pop-coated anger. If the darkened cover and alienated artwork don't tip you early, this is a dark album. Tightened, taut even, Toby Martin's unmistakably melancholic voice remains pure and potent throughout.

Youth Group - Skeleton Jar


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Dude, you know Leto gave you a chub when he was on My So Called Life. Someone's gotta get the females blood pumping; God knows it ain't any of us. For some reason, bloggin just isn't the panty dropper it should be.

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