Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Vikes get down like it's 1984

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Just another day in Minnersoter, heh...

Anyone see this? The Vikes had a massive sex party with drugs and hookers and what not. And people are surprised!?! It's the NFL, where you can either kill someone, sell drugs, or have orgies and still play on Sunday. No wonder Minnesota sucks soo bad this year. It's like Miami but with snow and fishing.

The White Sox..... doesn't look like their small ball works against the Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim in California, USA. Couldn't steal a base if you paid them. De Luca thinks that the series will go seven and judging by last night's game, I'm pretty sure it will as well. Even matchup all around. Podsednick is overrated, big time. Molina, on the other hand, is underrated big time. If his little brother pans out and hits in the playoffs like he has been, then the Cards have a stud in the waiting my friends. I thought Scotty sucked in Milwaukee, think how good the Sox would be with Lee killing the ball.

Fockin' Mariotti. Daley thinks that the Sox can never compete with the Cubs because they "are not run by a major corporation (Tribune Co.). He's right, but I'm an implanted Sox fan so Old Jay and the Mayor can go straight to hell.

Lets see what the redbirds can do tonight against Houston's big three who will pitch six games throughout the series. Win, that's what they'll do.

Like I said yesterday, the Bears are starting their season ending implode a little early this year. Sweet. They can't even have real sex parties like the rest of the lowly North Div. Only a half game back, but

What's up with TV this year? Nip/Tuck completely sucks, The West Wing is on the downslide, The OC blows, Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy aren't the same.....the list goes on and on. Maybe it's that I"m getting older, but the only two shows I regularly Tivo anymore are My Name is Earl and The Office. Funny sheez.

I visited a dental office for an appointment for the first time in well over a year yesterday (make sure you're going every six months kiddos), and it was an eye opening experience. The doc had some kick ass machines/computer programs and was more than happy to show me around/teach me a few things. Very cool. It excited me in a total nerdy dental way, and I'm stoked that some day i'll get to play with wicked little gadjets like lasers and cerec machines. Check out this guy on the left. It's awesome. Mills a crown in office, lets you place it in one visit...no need to put on a temp crown/send stuff to the lab. By the time i'm making real money (five/ten years post 2008) it should be the standard of care. Good times yah'll.

Last week a picture of Kyle Orton floated around the internet depcting him drinking and getting pretty hammered at a college bar in Iowa of all places. Well, not to be out-done, here is a pic of Rex Grossman doing nitrous at a party in Gainsville, circa 2000(ish). Great the two leaders of the Bears are both substance abusers....and Randy Moss gets called out for pokin' some smot once "every blue moon..."

Time for the most random mix, ever!:


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