Monday, October 03, 2005

So Long Eddy, we hardly knew your fat ass...

Quick update here as I study for a huge periodontics test (class is lamo). My beloved Bulls just announced that they have traded the oft-injured and notoriously fat/out of shape center
Eddy Curry. I've never really been a big Curry fan, he's lazy and doesn't play up to his potential (especially defensivly) but I was under the impression that theBulls were planning on building around him and Tyson Chandler. Guess I was wrong. Big props to John Paxson who said:

This has been about as uncomfortable and unusual a situation I could ever imagine. We've attempted from Day 1 to do the right thing, and I'm absolutely confident that we have in every way we went about it. And in a lot of ways we've met resistance in trying to gather all the information we feel we need.
I like what Paxson is doing here and think that the Bulls will be a force in the East within 2-3 years. Curry refused to take a DNA, which is his perogative, but all of the local sports talk guys felt that he had allready taken one and didn't like the results.... I'll bet anyone one hundred dollars that his agent had him take a test prior to saying "no." Whatever. If Eddy Curry dies in the middle of Madison Square Garden, it's ole Zeek Thomas' fault. He just loves the Bulls leftovers. Can't wait to see the reunion of Curry and Jamal Crawford...thug city biotch. Thomas, Sweetney, and Jermaine Jackson for is that even a trade? Until tommorow....

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I was on a long run Saturday night and was stung ohh about ten times by a bee in the ankle. My entire ankle/lower leg is swollen and itches like a mother. I went to see a doc at the university health center today and I can't tell you how happy I am that I didn't go to med school. Can you imagine, being overworked, dealing with sick, angry people all day....that would suck. Hooray Dental School.

Via Kyle's post the other is a little Mitch Hedberg:
Mitch Hedberg - 10 years of sleep to cavities
Mitch Hedberg - Minibars to doughnuts
Mitch Hedberg - Cookies to Jellybeans
Mitch Hedberg - Missing Dufrenes


Blogger Eric said...

Hells yeah! Get his ass outta town. He didn't fit with what the bulls are trying to do. Now if Tyson could only score...

5:33 PM  
Blogger Kevin said...

Tim Thomas and Mike Sweetney will be great. I love that Paxson is just foisting all these players/salaries on the Knicks. Curry was never gonna shape up (so to speak) in Chicago. He'll probably wither in NY, too.

6:21 PM  
Blogger Goose said...

The hopes of the Bears franchise rest in a drunken college boys hands:

8:26 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

Right on, see yah later Eddy. Not sure if Thomas and Sweetney will be that good Kevin, but Tim is a FA next year, so the bulls should have some room to move around/start the signing of Deng. I'm not a big Gordon guy, but he should be solid this year.

Goose, I have a picture of Grossman doing nitrous at Florida that I need to post. I saw that Orton pic yesterday and laughed my ass off. How sad :(

4:00 PM  

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