Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sad day for Cardinal Nation and Saddam

First off, forgot to mention that the World Beer Festival in Durham last week was an absolute blast. Try drinking 6oz of 300 different beers and talk to me the next day. 3-day hangover.

Well, it had to happen. The ‘Stros took out the beloved Cards tonight. A tear was shed in North Carolina. Game six, game over

Roy Oswalt straight up owned the Redbirds. He was dominant and he sits in the background. A blue-collar guy and now a regular Joe that gets to throw in the World Series.

Biggio and Bagwell have been in Houston since the invention of the wheel, so it’s good to see them get one shot. Most of America will pull for Houston (see the Rocket), but MYCT formally endorses the White Sox and their four horses of pitchers.

Last game at old Busch Stadium. Good and bad. Big game on the SOUTH SIDE! on Saturday. Food for thought: Pujols .333/41 homers/117rbis. Scary good.

Here’s a new game plan for the 2006 Cardinals: Don’t win all your games before the post season and then limp into the playoffs. Hell, take 20 games off like the Astros did and then make a big push when it counts. Walt, send me a check.

Hey it’s another f’n hurricane: Wilma

Good ole Saddam’s trial finally started. How long ago did they catch him? Not in briefs Saddaminator Give him some credit, he’s going down being a jerk-off about it.

This Powerball shit is getting out of hand. $340 Million

Bono in the White House?

And now for some tunes….

Supergrass that Ryan’s been lovin:
St. Petersburg
Tales of Endurance part 4,5,6

Deerhoof. It’s good, give it a chance.
Twin Killers
Wrong Time Capsule

Remixes of Bloc Party Silent Alarm,
Blue Light
Like Eating Glass

Nuggets from Wolf Parade's kick ass album. One of my favorites of the year.
Modern World
Shine A Light
I'll Believe Anything

Been playing a lot of SOCOM 3 online, with the headset and all gayness. It's Cool!

Allergies are not cool.


Blogger Ryan said...

Hey kyle, funny stuff man. Game sucked tonight. Couple of those songs didn't work? I'd like to hear the new deerhoof.... little asians kill me. I'll start the postage as soon as i get done with these fn' midterms....five tests this week and two patients all day tommorow.... the cards need another bat in the lineup, big time. John Gall is not the answer, maybe a move for schfeild if he'd come to the lou...??

9:51 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

Didn't I say Cards were going down? I think so. Even so, they are still better than my beloved Cubs. Damn!

9:30 PM  

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