Tuesday, October 11, 2005


When Mac McCaughan, former lead singer of the disbanded Superchunk, started Portastatic as a side project some 10+ years ago, I'm assuming that he never thought it would become his full time endevor. Following the demise of Superchunk, McCaughan went on to run Merge Records and make a few noteworthy albums with his new band. Jim Wilbur, also of Superchunk fame plays bass, so you know it's good.

Their latest album, Bright Ideas, (via Merge) is delightful indie pop trinket with enough up tempo pep to satisfy even the the most ADD stricken hipster.. Putting their record on and jamming out to the keyboards makes me feel good all over, in a non sexual way, of course. Give it a run if you're a fan of Superchunk or jumpy pop music.

Check out Conor Oberst's review of their album

Portastatic - I Wanna Know Girls
Portastatic - Noisy Night
Portastatic - You Know Where To Find Me (live)
Portastatic - Hurricane Warning (live)


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