Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Me on steroids and some free Harvey Danger

So the Doc at the beautiful UIC medical family practice put me on 60 mgs of Prednisone for a few days to take down the swelling/inflammation around my ankle post bee sting. I've been one mean mother f'er all day. Grumpy, shitty, and generally not interested in anything that has to do with dental school. I have been working out like a mofo lately, though, and am going to do a 20 week training program to set my arse up for a 1/2 ironman sometime next spring. Look out beeyatches. Steroids have always fascinated me, chemically speaking, and they can reek havoc on even the most pristine body (like mine). Not a good thing, not a bad thing....crazy pills.. Now HGH, that's the shit to get.... cough Barry Bonds....cough...

Speaking of baseball. My Redbirds are up 1-0 against the holly fathers and almost blew one yesterday afternoon. I had to take a "personal day" from school to watch the game, but it was well worth it. Reggie Sanders is my God. Didn't see that one coming. 6 RBIs is straight Redonk. Cards role and move on to face hopefully the Braves. We'll see, though, Houston is mega hot... Either way I'm looking forward to a Chicago/St. Louis world series....because, well that would be totally convenient for me.

Now for some music.

Remember Harvey Danger, yah the dudes who were all "flagpole sitta," back in the day? Well, they didn't die, and they're still making music. Their new album Little By Little is free. Yulp, free. I'm not entirely sure how I came across it, but this little gem has been rocking on my iPod all week. It's certainly more cheery (is that even a word) than their previous album(s), and the piano/female vocals knock it up another notch....Emeril style... Arcade Fire it is not, but hey common it's free. Intelligent, clever lyrics with pop beats, rad. Standout tracks include War Buddies and Cream and Bastards Rise. Check it out below. One smaller .mp3 version and one torrent version. Both via You can buy it on amazon and via their webpage. So rock.

Harvey Danger - Little By Little (Larger, better quality torrent)
Harvey Danger - Little By Little (.mp3)


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Better living though chemistry. Thats what I say.

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