Saturday, October 22, 2005

It's time to party your sox off like it's 1917

Well, it's finally here Chicago, no not my return from blog absence, but the World Series. Lets go with Compliments of some very un-inspired baseball by my St. Louis Cardinals, the Houston Astros make a visit to the un-friendly confines known as the Cell, or US Cellular Field, or our park sucks and every one bee-lines it for the red line post game, whatever you want to call it guy. I think the Sox have a real chance to win this thing, and that is fantastic. I love watching Cubs fans suffer.

Only 4,000 tickets were sold to sox fans (the rest were gobbled up by corporate america), and I'm not sure how I feel about that. Looks like the "man gets to watch baseball games..." Seriously, though, that's about on par with the size of crowds that went to ball games earlier this year when the white sox weren't a favorite to make a pennate run, much less a trip to the world series for the first time in a bazillion years. The south side (where I live) isn't crazy at all. Even after the sox clinched, there were only a few isolated parties (televised) and I only heard a couple of people cheering from their apartments. Come to think of it, those people might have been drunk homeless people who don't even watch baseball.. I live no less than two miles north of U.S. Cellular.... It's sad, I know. If the Cubs were in the series (which will NEVER happen), it would be chaos. Pure anna nicole chaos. Not the case for the Sox. Their fan base is blue collared like a mofo and I respect that, so lets go sox. If AJ Pierzynski (sp?) wouln't stop believing, then neither will I.

Chicago isn't a "sox town" like the Mayor wants it to be. The Picasso sculpture wearing a sox hat, the lion gaurding the art institute wearing a hat, and the bronze statues at congress parkway with white sox on all seem forced and thrown together. It's nice that the city is trying to get amped up, but when baseball starts again next April, the entire town will go back to ignoring the south siders (sad face).

The last week of school was crazy. Like five written mid-terms and three/four practicles cutting teeth and doing root canals and what not. Redonk. Didn't sleep much and I'm a bit behind in everything. All is well, though, I only bombed one of the tests, and they still can't kick me out of school, so I'm on my way.

I had another patient this week and it was a trip. The lady comes in with her husband, she's eighty and he's a little older, doesn't speak a word of english, not a friggin word, sits down in the chair and starts rambling in korean. Luckily, my assistant/partner for the experience was korean as well, so she translated. All I could say to the lady was "open" "smile" and "thank you" in korean (my Korean isn't soo good, come to think of it, my english isn't so good either). Anyway, we finally get her in the chair and look through a grocery bag of medicines that she had broughten with her, only to find a crazy shopping list of meds. We're talking anti-convulsants, plattlete aggregators, asian herbs, you name it, the lady was ingesting it. To make matters worse, she had lost considerable weight (20+ pounds) in the past year and had no idea about any of her ailments. Apparently it's common practice in Korea for husbands to keep medical results/illnesses from their wives because they do not want them to "worry about their problems.." That's an entirely different argument, but after two hours and a MD consult, we finally got her in the chair and started looking around her mouth.

Super nice lady, didn't move a bit when I probed her gums and never said a word. So I'm working my way around her mouth and I touch two of her front teeth and almost knock the bastards out. I didn't have brown scrubs on, but I wish I did, you get the idea. Teeth are moving big time. I pull down on both of them (they were two crowns cemented together) and see a bunch of bacteria (a cavity) just seeping out. I held my puke back and re-adjusted the two masks I had on. We take an x-ray and call over like fourteen doctors to get an idea of what I can do. Dental school is rediculously political and it takes ten different dildo doctors to make a decision that I probably could have made in fifteen minutes. Three hours later we finally decide that she'll need surgery (oral) and we had to get her off some of her meds. None of the doctors hovering around my chair noticed that the lady had a fractured post that would need to be addressed as well. Here's how the conversation goes conserning that (looking at an x-ray):

Me: "Umm, I think that that post might be fractured, look at the CEJ."
Doctors (14): "Blah, blah, grumble, grumble, we can't make decisions..."
Me: "We might want to look at that"
Doctors (14): "Blah, I'm important, blah, I did a GPR"
Me: "Ok, just an idea..."
Doctors (14): "Ohh, that is fractured, that's a good pickup, now we'll go back to ignorning you.."

I FINALLY passed my patient on to an older student and made my way home at about 6:00, five hours after I started working with the poor lady. If dental school isn't the most disorganized, politically based training in the world, I dont' know what is. It's like cosmotology school with more nasty shit and tons of anal advanced degree specialists.

Special thanks to kyle for updatin' the blog big time this week while I took some personal time away. Anyone ever feel bad about not updating their blog regularly? Me neither. That's weird. Kyle is funnier and more creative than I am, so he's naturally a better blogger. Send him emails with stuff like "kyle you're soo witty and good at photoshopping baseball hats on evil tyrants..." He'd like that.

Haven't really been into any music this week, which is sad, but the white sox picked Journey's "Don't Stop Believin" as their theme song for the world series. That is sad and hillarious. I'm guessing that fans of 80's cheese-dick rock are super pissed. So for all of you, lets play some baseball.

Journey - Don't Stop Believin


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