Tuesday, October 18, 2005

El Hombre

And here I was going to post a nasty blog all about how big of a letdown the Cards’ season ended up being after they fell to Houston in game 5 of the NLCS…

I was totally pissed, cursing and ready to break something.
By the grace of the baseball God — whose name shall now be Albert — the Cardinals pulled it out. They were down to their last out, listening to stupid Houston people screaming while Nolan Ryan slouched somewhere. Two on, two outs and “El Hombre” walks to the plate. Lidge makes a weak mistake — Cards own him going into game 6 after yesterday— of a slider and Albert drills it into the Texas sky.

It seems fitting that the semi-balding, ever-blinged Pujulos was wearing a “Who’s your daddy” shirt at the post-game news conference. Anybody leaving Houston tonight has a new daddy. Said he wasn’t looking for Lidge’s nasty-as-it-wanna-be slider, just looking for the ball. He is amazing. Tomorrow is Pujols Day.

What is Nolan Ryan like the face of the Astros forever? He looks all sad. Hope he comes to the Lou to cry his little face off.
These games are killing me. Pins-and-needles all day thinking that the season we just spent following, all 2,000 games or however many they play, are about to end on a Lance Berkman homer. El Hombre? El Yeah.

Mulder rolls Oswalt today, Clemens and Suppan tomorrow? What a great end to a series. Momentum shift? El Yeah.
Thank Hova they’re going back to St. Louis. Those “Crafford” boxes in the outfield of Minute Maid Stadium are the gayest thing since the little mound in centerfield those cowboys built down there. Almost gayer than Barry Melrose’s slicked down hockey mullet or two boys fuckin.

Enough of the Cardinals….Work’s going good. Same ole, same ole. Can’t believe it’s almost November?!

Got a couple of CDs from Amazon yesterday in the mail. First music I’ve paid for in a long, long time. Not that anyone here condones the piracy of music.

Deerhoof: Us Runners Four — Need to listen to it more, but it sounds terrific. Lead singer's voice takes some getting used to, but this is serious fucking guitar rock here people. They toured with Wilco me thinks, which is a good thing. See about getting some of that up. Cream yourself in anticipation.

The New Pornographers: Electric Vision — A.C. Newman can write and it was there in the early parts of the NP work. Smooth melodies and pop for the kids.

Just found the new Animal Collective album on the net. Trippy Mctripperton.

Anthony and the Johnsons were just on Letterman….good shit main.

And I’m back postin. GO CARDINALS!!!!!!!!


Blogger Eric said...

As a devoted Cubs fan, I have to vote "GO ASTROS!" I don't think they will choke it up and loose 3 straight. But hey anything... Oh yeah, I don't care how much i hate the Cards, pujols is the shit. They guy can flat out play. I've listened to the new Deerhoof once all the way through. Takes some gettin' used to, but promising.

3:18 PM  

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