Thursday, October 13, 2005

Diane Cluck/Supergrass/Beat Radio

The Cardinals are going to win this series.
Yes Oswalt/Clemens are studs, but Pujols is the best player in the game.
If they don't win, I'll eat my hat.
Go Sox!

I worked hard this morning, like really, really hard. I got to school around 7:45 and rocked out for two straight hours doing nothing but root canal work while I listened to Devendra's two albums back to back. I can't believe I missed the boat on this guy. Always saw him as a hippie and never really tried to get into his folky, soft music. But, spurred on by YANP, which I'm sure yah'll read religiously, and the high schooler bloggers...... I delved further into his catalog. Great stuff, you know that allready. Equally as great is Diane Cluck

Diane Cluck’s hauntingly clear voice weaves melodies full of love and pain through her intentionally sparse arrangements of piano, acoustic guitar and harmonium. Perfect as they are, any additional instrumentation would be unnecessary adornments on these "skeleton" songs, as she calls them. Classical training and an obsession with Erik Satie have instilled a tasteful minimalism in Cluck’s work. Until now, her recordings have been self-released, and even now, with this full-length on Important Records, Cluck has only allowed it to be issued in an edition of 500. As a result, this is the fourth installment in Important’s Arts and Crafts series, featuring 11 tracks released in packaging handmade made by the artist.

Diane Cluck- All I Bring you is Love
Diane Cluck - Telepathic Desert
Diane Cluck - The Turnaround Road

Little housecleaning:
MYCT has been getting close to 1500 hits/day for over two months now, so umm that's cool and shit.

I've been into the Supergrass album Road to Rouen for a while now. In fact, I think I was the first blogger to get on board with the new sheez waaaay back in July. If that's not further affirmation that I'm the hippest dental student blogger, ever, then I'm not sure what is. Anyway, Shawn from Cornerstone Promotions emailed me earlier this week with some possible freebie Supergrass items including CDs, etc. If you don't have this album yet, shoot me an email and tell me your life story. If I like it, you can have a cd. I'm guessing that a lot of bloggers are getting similar emails to the one I received because Dodge is having a Supergrass contest. That is cool, spread the music via the blogs...that's the idea, right?

Here is their performance on Letterman Sept. 29th. It doesn't suck.

Also, Brian from a NYC based band Beat Radio sent me some mp3's to check out. I haven't had time to get into any of their stuff yet, and I'm not entirely sure what they do, but if he's willing to take time to send a nerd like me some material, then I'll pass it on. Check it out and let me know honestly what you think. Constructive crit. is helpful, sometimes....

Beat Radio - Tree Top
Beat Radio - Elegy

Have a great weekend, I'm studying balls.


Blogger Ekko said...

congrats on getting so many hits-that's quite impressive

5:13 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

I pay people in other countries to come to my blog non-stop all day. It's outsourcing at it's finest.

11:50 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

Seriously. How the f*&k do you get so many hits? Also the Astros will win the NLCS in 6. You heard it here.

10:41 AM  
Blogger Rich said...

So, how do you take your hat? Marinated? Broiled? Cards are going down...

10:39 PM  

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