Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Big ole' post with tons of rock music...

Uhh yah, we're better than Purdue..

Here is where I would normally explain my blogging absence, but let's just put it this way: Dental School is kicking my white ass. Removable partial denture exam tomorrow, three tests last week, and five tests next week. As if I didn't have enough lab work to catch up on. Whatever, 2008, that's all I care about. I had my first patient last week and it went really well. Nice lady, 50ish with only 12 remaining teeth. I took out here partial denture and gave her a cleaning/probing depth schpeal. She actually really appreciated my help and was more than happy to talk about her family/the white sox, etc. I'm so much better clinically than all of the ubber nerds in my class. In fact, I had to help one of the girls that will prob. be top ten in our class (think super quiet hardworking Asian girl) explain to her patient that we needed $12.00 from her since she was on public aide. I've come to the realization that the super smart kids aren't going to make any money when we all graduate and move on to our respective practices (hopefully mine will be out west). If that's the case, I'm gonna be rich.

Aside from the hell that is dental school, it's been a good few days. Mere and I made it down to Bloomington (or B-Town for those in the know) last weekend and had one hell of a time at homecoming. It's exciting to see people actually amped up for Indiana football, for the first time in my life, even though it is Indiana Football. Billboards were all over Indy with shit like "big crowds help win games.." Now that's some advertising. We never actually made it inside to the game (read: tailgating is way more fun), and were both pretty sloshed by noon on Saturday. IU whomped Ron Zook's shitty Illini, duh... so I've been rubbing it in all week here in Illinois. We'll see how good they really are when they play at Iowa next weekend. If they can pull one out in the Pink locker rooms , i'll be stoke. James Hardy (pictured left) is going to be an NFL wideout some day. 6'7" with a 4.4, yah...lets go Bears...We tried to go out Sat. night, but can't drink like we used to. Great day for football, all around. Recovered on Sunday and Monday, but I'm still paying for it today. I suck.

Speaking of sucking. My Bears suck. Straight Suck. They're bad. Personally, I'm hoping they tank the rest of the year and get Matt L. via the first pick in the draft. Cedric Benson looked horrible, and isn't even slated to start this week (Thomas Jones is out! Great....even better). Kyle Orton is destined to coach high school football, and the defense that was supposed to be "one of the top three in the league" according to retard Lovie Smith got torched by Trent Dilfer. Trent fucking Dilfer! That's sad. Shake it up bitch.

My fantasy teams both took a hit this week. I moved Culpepper and got J. Lewis in return in one league...so that's rad. I'm goign to get better w/ D. Davis/Lewis this week, we'll see what happens. Whatever, I don't even care anymore, not sure why I'm talking about it. You probably don't' want to even read this shit. I'm sorry.

Chicago/St. Louis World Series? Hell Yes. It's going to happen and Fox is going to be super pissed. Screw the Yankees. If the cards bullpen can hold up, they're going all the way. You heard it here six months ago.

Let's do some music, shal we?

Editors - All Sparks
I've been a little disappointed with this album. Stemming from the numerous Interpol comparisons, and the super England style hype, I thought they would rock some socks. Half right. Descent album with a ton of filler. Interpol they are not.

Fiona Apple - Tymps (The Sick In The Head Song)
The bitch is crazy, but damn can she sing. I've been really into her album lately and it carried me through a horrendous wax up project the past two days. Beautiful stuff from the head case. Don't miss this album, if you have, you suck.

Rolling Stones - Laugh I Nearly Died
They can still rock. I'm serious. Even at 80+ and devoid of most drugs, their music still carries serious weight. This is the best song on the album. Mick is dead on when he's heartbreakingly trying to capture something. I'm surprised his heart is still beating, but damn.

Broken Social Scene - Handjobs For The Holidays
Another album that kind of blows ass. I just don't get their slow, schmoozy singing and don't think that they really talk about anything at all on this album. Pretty similar to the first, but with more mailed in songs. Pitchfork loved it, I didn't. This is the most creatively titled song on an otherwise blase album.

Wolf Parade - You Are A Runner And I Am My Father's Son
This album doesn't disappoint. Rock. Love the whole thing. Special thanks to Kyle for hooking me up with this one, and special thanks to George Carlin who said: "You never see a smiling runner.."

I was going to put up some Spinto Band, cause all of the bloggers are raving about their stuff....but....they suck. Seriously. From here on out, I promise not to post any shitty music just because it's all "indie," and no one has ever heard it. Fair enough.


Blogger jeffro said...

i heard cedric benson was crying tears of joy when he heard that thomas jones was hurt...

2:16 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

Prob. he sucks, though. The bears are going to miss Jones BIG time.

4:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the spinto band may suck, but that song 'oh mandy' is insanely catchy.

6:39 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

Why you gotta bust my balls about IU crushing my Illini? Huh? Huh? With my luck the basketball team will probably suck too. God knows they won't be playing in the title game again for quite some time.

7:59 PM  
Anonymous Matt said...

IU fans have had their balls busted for so many years that my brain bleeds just thinking about it. We're overdue!

Of course, if they don't get some defense, even a record setting offense isn't going to get them to the post season. Iowa sucks.

8:11 AM  

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