Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Bears lock up Lewis/Raves

Oh that's right. I'm sorry, who's in the first in the NFC North (worst division in the history of football)? If you said said Minnesota, you must have been on a yacht blowing lines with Fred Smoot off a hooker’s ass. Sports Illustrated had a dec’ article about the “Love Boat” this week. Turns out the Vikings are just trying to “keep the ship afloat” ahhahaa.

Yeah bitches, the Bears won, again. Is that 3-3 on the season? Hello NFC North, it’s over. Someone will go to the playoffs and get a bye. It will be Brian Urlacher’s defense. Fuck Orton, he sucks.

NFC North:Proceed to be old (Brett Favre), be more into getting smashed on a cold ass Minnesota lake (Fred Smoot and co.) or all kinds of talent at receiver while the rest of your team pretty much sucks (Oh wow, you beat the Browns. Way to go Lions!).

Looks like the White Sox might piss away game 2 while I write this.

Watched Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy because HBO didn’t have anything new on. Bogus.

Saw Elizabethtown yesterday. Standard Cameron Crowe. Not to great, but had moments. This dude nailed it on the head.

Jarhead looks frickin’ awesome. Ordered the book with one day shipping, just for fun.

Eminem iPod commercial all over the place? WTF

Nevermind about the White Sox, big win. Thanks Scott.

Torrent dump time:
Broken Social Scene — Broken Social Scene

Deerhoof — The Runners Four

Shit I be listenin to.


Blogger Eric said...

Go Bears. Go Sox. The Eminem iPod commercial makes me sick.

2:00 PM  

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