Friday, October 21, 2005

Another day at work

Big day of college football tomorrow, but no way it tops last week's madness. Big games to watch tomorrow include Illinois hosting Penn. State. Laughter, haha. Texas Tech and Texas go at it. Both 6-0, money's on Texas. Bama gets a huge test from rival Tennessee. Will the Tide continue to roll? Auburn vs. LSU is about the only other game worth mentioning. Wait, the Lord's team — the Indiana Hoosiers — get the Buckeyes at home. Can you say "the party's over"?

Sitting here waiting for the high school football crew to get back and do their thing. How many high schools have four people go to the games to cover it? Answer, probably not very many.

It's 30 flippin degrees warmer down here than it is in the great northern states. It's warm, and I mean warm for the end of October for a midwest boy trapped in Retardville.

Ole Saddam's trial is off the chain. Big ups to Saddam for taking the trial of the century cake from one Michael Jackson. Man down! It's only going to get stranger.

Google is also off the chain. Google's stock jumped 12% on Friday. If you were lucky to get in on that stock then you probably aren't reading this broke ass blog. Who would have thought that two nerds would make hella money. Enter jealousy. $339 a share

Those new iPods will give a techno-geek a hardcore boner. They play video now? Get the fuck out! I need one, we all do. Video iPod crush

Get some tunes up tomorrow, something tasty, maybe whole Deerhoof album. Got the day off, hell yeah.

Holla at Kyle


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