Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Venice Is Sinking

Venice Is Sinking is a five-piece from
Athens, GA who will be putting out a debut full-length album on One Percent Press in March of next year. Right now, however, they have a split EP out with the Atlanta band What We Do Is Secret. Smoothie pop is what I'd call it, that's new, I made that up, so check them out.

The Cure, the Rapture, and Belle & Sebastian are terrific bands, but would you really want to toss them all in one blender? This Athens, Ga., outfit does just that, and the result is surprisingly smooth and fresh. Mix the soft, intimate vocals of B&S with DFA-style house beats and Robert Smith's expansive moods, and you're en route to Venice.

Venice is Sinking - Pulaski Heights
Venice is Sinking - Undecided

Monday, October 24, 2005

New Strokes, SOAD single

Here you go, some candy for your iPod.
Short post tonight, tired.

No new Strokes here, nope. Not even links that don't work.

Another BS Night in Suck City

Spurred on by the finish of my mid-terms, I decided to finally finish Nick Flynn's Another Bullshit Night in Suck City. Great book. Read it if you haven't allready.
Nick's life journey is littered with landmines; that he has written such a remarkable testament to self-discovery and the inherent strength of the human spirit, no matter how deeply scarred. Both familiar and real, there are many who know Nick's story intimately. What is remarkable is that such an old tale of self-destruction and the annihilation of family can have a fresh voice to speak yet another truth. This memoir is a gift to others who struggle, like Nick, for a healthy life and family identification. Luan Gaines/2004.
Speaking of books, this Guy will give you a book. Thanks guy! Nice start with McClown and Portis. Ouch....

What's the deal with blogs posting pictures of semi naked women (and dudes, scoff)? I missed the boat on that one. Must be the reason that I'm owing people in this herre musical blog fantasy football league. Obvs, I'm gonna win this one. You might as well trade me your best players now and get it all over with. It'll be faster and easier on you. After I finish swamping the gorillas tonight via MNF, I'll take over first place next week when I skank Kevin's team sans Vick.

Marriotti had a nice article about the Sox a few days ago. What a hypocrit.
WTF is a Hous-stunner, gaylord, that's what it is.

How about friggin Scotty Pod hitting a walk off home run. Some years it just all comes together, which gives me hope for the Cards. The way the season ended was bizzare indeed. Later on Bush Stadium (sad face). Hopefully Houston gets swept, which will make it easier for me to sleep at night.

Lets do a few torrent albums, mostly stuff I'm into ala Kyle. First one is an album link, second one is the torrent file. Listen like it's your job.

The Clientele - Strange Geometry (Pitchfork loved it, I give it a B-)

Broken Social Scene - Broken Social Scene (I was wrong, it's really good)

Coco Rosie - Noah's Ark Contributors include: Antony and Devendre Banhart.
Ohhhh yah.

Clor - Clor See also Bravery, Killers.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Bears lock up Lewis/Raves

Oh that's right. I'm sorry, who's in the first in the NFC North (worst division in the history of football)? If you said said Minnesota, you must have been on a yacht blowing lines with Fred Smoot off a hooker’s ass. Sports Illustrated had a dec’ article about the “Love Boat” this week. Turns out the Vikings are just trying to “keep the ship afloat” ahhahaa.

Yeah bitches, the Bears won, again. Is that 3-3 on the season? Hello NFC North, it’s over. Someone will go to the playoffs and get a bye. It will be Brian Urlacher’s defense. Fuck Orton, he sucks.

NFC North:Proceed to be old (Brett Favre), be more into getting smashed on a cold ass Minnesota lake (Fred Smoot and co.) or all kinds of talent at receiver while the rest of your team pretty much sucks (Oh wow, you beat the Browns. Way to go Lions!).

Looks like the White Sox might piss away game 2 while I write this.

Watched Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy because HBO didn’t have anything new on. Bogus.

Saw Elizabethtown yesterday. Standard Cameron Crowe. Not to great, but had moments. This dude nailed it on the head.

Jarhead looks frickin’ awesome. Ordered the book with one day shipping, just for fun.

Eminem iPod commercial all over the place? WTF

Nevermind about the White Sox, big win. Thanks Scott.

Torrent dump time:
Broken Social Scene — Broken Social Scene

Deerhoof — The Runners Four

Shit I be listenin to.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

It's time to party your sox off like it's 1917

Well, it's finally here Chicago, no not my return from blog absence, but the World Series. Lets go with Compliments of some very un-inspired baseball by my St. Louis Cardinals, the Houston Astros make a visit to the un-friendly confines known as the Cell, or US Cellular Field, or our park sucks and every one bee-lines it for the red line post game, whatever you want to call it guy. I think the Sox have a real chance to win this thing, and that is fantastic. I love watching Cubs fans suffer.

Only 4,000 tickets were sold to sox fans (the rest were gobbled up by corporate america), and I'm not sure how I feel about that. Looks like the "man gets to watch baseball games..." Seriously, though, that's about on par with the size of crowds that went to ball games earlier this year when the white sox weren't a favorite to make a pennate run, much less a trip to the world series for the first time in a bazillion years. The south side (where I live) isn't crazy at all. Even after the sox clinched, there were only a few isolated parties (televised) and I only heard a couple of people cheering from their apartments. Come to think of it, those people might have been drunk homeless people who don't even watch baseball.. I live no less than two miles north of U.S. Cellular.... It's sad, I know. If the Cubs were in the series (which will NEVER happen), it would be chaos. Pure anna nicole chaos. Not the case for the Sox. Their fan base is blue collared like a mofo and I respect that, so lets go sox. If AJ Pierzynski (sp?) wouln't stop believing, then neither will I.

Chicago isn't a "sox town" like the Mayor wants it to be. The Picasso sculpture wearing a sox hat, the lion gaurding the art institute wearing a hat, and the bronze statues at congress parkway with white sox on all seem forced and thrown together. It's nice that the city is trying to get amped up, but when baseball starts again next April, the entire town will go back to ignoring the south siders (sad face).

The last week of school was crazy. Like five written mid-terms and three/four practicles cutting teeth and doing root canals and what not. Redonk. Didn't sleep much and I'm a bit behind in everything. All is well, though, I only bombed one of the tests, and they still can't kick me out of school, so I'm on my way.

I had another patient this week and it was a trip. The lady comes in with her husband, she's eighty and he's a little older, doesn't speak a word of english, not a friggin word, sits down in the chair and starts rambling in korean. Luckily, my assistant/partner for the experience was korean as well, so she translated. All I could say to the lady was "open" "smile" and "thank you" in korean (my Korean isn't soo good, come to think of it, my english isn't so good either). Anyway, we finally get her in the chair and look through a grocery bag of medicines that she had broughten with her, only to find a crazy shopping list of meds. We're talking anti-convulsants, plattlete aggregators, asian herbs, you name it, the lady was ingesting it. To make matters worse, she had lost considerable weight (20+ pounds) in the past year and had no idea about any of her ailments. Apparently it's common practice in Korea for husbands to keep medical results/illnesses from their wives because they do not want them to "worry about their problems.." That's an entirely different argument, but after two hours and a MD consult, we finally got her in the chair and started looking around her mouth.

Super nice lady, didn't move a bit when I probed her gums and never said a word. So I'm working my way around her mouth and I touch two of her front teeth and almost knock the bastards out. I didn't have brown scrubs on, but I wish I did, you get the idea. Teeth are moving big time. I pull down on both of them (they were two crowns cemented together) and see a bunch of bacteria (a cavity) just seeping out. I held my puke back and re-adjusted the two masks I had on. We take an x-ray and call over like fourteen doctors to get an idea of what I can do. Dental school is rediculously political and it takes ten different dildo doctors to make a decision that I probably could have made in fifteen minutes. Three hours later we finally decide that she'll need surgery (oral) and we had to get her off some of her meds. None of the doctors hovering around my chair noticed that the lady had a fractured post that would need to be addressed as well. Here's how the conversation goes conserning that (looking at an x-ray):

Me: "Umm, I think that that post might be fractured, look at the CEJ."
Doctors (14): "Blah, blah, grumble, grumble, we can't make decisions..."
Me: "We might want to look at that"
Doctors (14): "Blah, I'm important, blah, I did a GPR"
Me: "Ok, just an idea..."
Doctors (14): "Ohh, that is fractured, that's a good pickup, now we'll go back to ignorning you.."

I FINALLY passed my patient on to an older student and made my way home at about 6:00, five hours after I started working with the poor lady. If dental school isn't the most disorganized, politically based training in the world, I dont' know what is. It's like cosmotology school with more nasty shit and tons of anal advanced degree specialists.

Special thanks to kyle for updatin' the blog big time this week while I took some personal time away. Anyone ever feel bad about not updating their blog regularly? Me neither. That's weird. Kyle is funnier and more creative than I am, so he's naturally a better blogger. Send him emails with stuff like "kyle you're soo witty and good at photoshopping baseball hats on evil tyrants..." He'd like that.

Haven't really been into any music this week, which is sad, but the white sox picked Journey's "Don't Stop Believin" as their theme song for the world series. That is sad and hillarious. I'm guessing that fans of 80's cheese-dick rock are super pissed. So for all of you, lets play some baseball.

Journey - Don't Stop Believin

Friday, October 21, 2005

Another day at work

Big day of college football tomorrow, but no way it tops last week's madness. Big games to watch tomorrow include Illinois hosting Penn. State. Laughter, haha. Texas Tech and Texas go at it. Both 6-0, money's on Texas. Bama gets a huge test from rival Tennessee. Will the Tide continue to roll? Auburn vs. LSU is about the only other game worth mentioning. Wait, the Lord's team — the Indiana Hoosiers — get the Buckeyes at home. Can you say "the party's over"?

Sitting here waiting for the high school football crew to get back and do their thing. How many high schools have four people go to the games to cover it? Answer, probably not very many.

It's 30 flippin degrees warmer down here than it is in the great northern states. It's warm, and I mean warm for the end of October for a midwest boy trapped in Retardville.

Ole Saddam's trial is off the chain. Big ups to Saddam for taking the trial of the century cake from one Michael Jackson. Man down! It's only going to get stranger.

Google is also off the chain. Google's stock jumped 12% on Friday. If you were lucky to get in on that stock then you probably aren't reading this broke ass blog. Who would have thought that two nerds would make hella money. Enter jealousy. $339 a share

Those new iPods will give a techno-geek a hardcore boner. They play video now? Get the fuck out! I need one, we all do. Video iPod crush

Get some tunes up tomorrow, something tasty, maybe whole Deerhoof album. Got the day off, hell yeah.

Holla at Kyle

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sad day for Cardinal Nation and Saddam

First off, forgot to mention that the World Beer Festival in Durham last week was an absolute blast. Try drinking 6oz of 300 different beers and talk to me the next day. 3-day hangover.

Well, it had to happen. The ‘Stros took out the beloved Cards tonight. A tear was shed in North Carolina. Game six, game over

Roy Oswalt straight up owned the Redbirds. He was dominant and he sits in the background. A blue-collar guy and now a regular Joe that gets to throw in the World Series.

Biggio and Bagwell have been in Houston since the invention of the wheel, so it’s good to see them get one shot. Most of America will pull for Houston (see the Rocket), but MYCT formally endorses the White Sox and their four horses of pitchers.

Last game at old Busch Stadium. Good and bad. Big game on the SOUTH SIDE! on Saturday. Food for thought: Pujols .333/41 homers/117rbis. Scary good.

Here’s a new game plan for the 2006 Cardinals: Don’t win all your games before the post season and then limp into the playoffs. Hell, take 20 games off like the Astros did and then make a big push when it counts. Walt, send me a check.

Hey it’s another f’n hurricane: Wilma

Good ole Saddam’s trial finally started. How long ago did they catch him? Not in briefs Saddaminator Give him some credit, he’s going down being a jerk-off about it.

This Powerball shit is getting out of hand. $340 Million

Bono in the White House?

And now for some tunes….

Supergrass that Ryan’s been lovin:
St. Petersburg
Tales of Endurance part 4,5,6

Deerhoof. It’s good, give it a chance.
Twin Killers
Wrong Time Capsule

Remixes of Bloc Party Silent Alarm,
Blue Light
Like Eating Glass

Nuggets from Wolf Parade's kick ass album. One of my favorites of the year.
Modern World
Shine A Light
I'll Believe Anything

Been playing a lot of SOCOM 3 online, with the headset and all gayness. It's Cool!

Allergies are not cool.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

El Hombre

And here I was going to post a nasty blog all about how big of a letdown the Cards’ season ended up being after they fell to Houston in game 5 of the NLCS…

I was totally pissed, cursing and ready to break something.
By the grace of the baseball God — whose name shall now be Albert — the Cardinals pulled it out. They were down to their last out, listening to stupid Houston people screaming while Nolan Ryan slouched somewhere. Two on, two outs and “El Hombre” walks to the plate. Lidge makes a weak mistake — Cards own him going into game 6 after yesterday— of a slider and Albert drills it into the Texas sky.

It seems fitting that the semi-balding, ever-blinged Pujulos was wearing a “Who’s your daddy” shirt at the post-game news conference. Anybody leaving Houston tonight has a new daddy. Said he wasn’t looking for Lidge’s nasty-as-it-wanna-be slider, just looking for the ball. He is amazing. Tomorrow is Pujols Day.

What is Nolan Ryan like the face of the Astros forever? He looks all sad. Hope he comes to the Lou to cry his little face off.
These games are killing me. Pins-and-needles all day thinking that the season we just spent following, all 2,000 games or however many they play, are about to end on a Lance Berkman homer. El Hombre? El Yeah.

Mulder rolls Oswalt today, Clemens and Suppan tomorrow? What a great end to a series. Momentum shift? El Yeah.
Thank Hova they’re going back to St. Louis. Those “Crafford” boxes in the outfield of Minute Maid Stadium are the gayest thing since the little mound in centerfield those cowboys built down there. Almost gayer than Barry Melrose’s slicked down hockey mullet or two boys fuckin.

Enough of the Cardinals….Work’s going good. Same ole, same ole. Can’t believe it’s almost November?!

Got a couple of CDs from Amazon yesterday in the mail. First music I’ve paid for in a long, long time. Not that anyone here condones the piracy of music.

Deerhoof: Us Runners Four — Need to listen to it more, but it sounds terrific. Lead singer's voice takes some getting used to, but this is serious fucking guitar rock here people. They toured with Wilco me thinks, which is a good thing. See about getting some of that up. Cream yourself in anticipation.

The New Pornographers: Electric Vision — A.C. Newman can write and it was there in the early parts of the NP work. Smooth melodies and pop for the kids.

Just found the new Animal Collective album on the net. Trippy Mctripperton.

Anthony and the Johnsons were just on Letterman….good shit main.

And I’m back postin. GO CARDINALS!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Diane Cluck/Supergrass/Beat Radio

The Cardinals are going to win this series.
Yes Oswalt/Clemens are studs, but Pujols is the best player in the game.
If they don't win, I'll eat my hat.
Go Sox!

I worked hard this morning, like really, really hard. I got to school around 7:45 and rocked out for two straight hours doing nothing but root canal work while I listened to Devendra's two albums back to back. I can't believe I missed the boat on this guy. Always saw him as a hippie and never really tried to get into his folky, soft music. But, spurred on by YANP, which I'm sure yah'll read religiously, and the high schooler bloggers...... I delved further into his catalog. Great stuff, you know that allready. Equally as great is Diane Cluck

Diane Cluck’s hauntingly clear voice weaves melodies full of love and pain through her intentionally sparse arrangements of piano, acoustic guitar and harmonium. Perfect as they are, any additional instrumentation would be unnecessary adornments on these "skeleton" songs, as she calls them. Classical training and an obsession with Erik Satie have instilled a tasteful minimalism in Cluck’s work. Until now, her recordings have been self-released, and even now, with this full-length on Important Records, Cluck has only allowed it to be issued in an edition of 500. As a result, this is the fourth installment in Important’s Arts and Crafts series, featuring 11 tracks released in packaging handmade made by the artist.

Diane Cluck- All I Bring you is Love
Diane Cluck - Telepathic Desert
Diane Cluck - The Turnaround Road

Little housecleaning:
MYCT has been getting close to 1500 hits/day for over two months now, so umm that's cool and shit.

I've been into the Supergrass album Road to Rouen for a while now. In fact, I think I was the first blogger to get on board with the new sheez waaaay back in July. If that's not further affirmation that I'm the hippest dental student blogger, ever, then I'm not sure what is. Anyway, Shawn from Cornerstone Promotions emailed me earlier this week with some possible freebie Supergrass items including CDs, etc. If you don't have this album yet, shoot me an email and tell me your life story. If I like it, you can have a cd. I'm guessing that a lot of bloggers are getting similar emails to the one I received because Dodge is having a Supergrass contest. That is cool, spread the music via the blogs...that's the idea, right?

Here is their performance on Letterman Sept. 29th. It doesn't suck.

Also, Brian from a NYC based band Beat Radio sent me some mp3's to check out. I haven't had time to get into any of their stuff yet, and I'm not entirely sure what they do, but if he's willing to take time to send a nerd like me some material, then I'll pass it on. Check it out and let me know honestly what you think. Constructive crit. is helpful, sometimes....

Beat Radio - Tree Top
Beat Radio - Elegy

Have a great weekend, I'm studying balls.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


When Mac McCaughan, former lead singer of the disbanded Superchunk, started Portastatic as a side project some 10+ years ago, I'm assuming that he never thought it would become his full time endevor. Following the demise of Superchunk, McCaughan went on to run Merge Records and make a few noteworthy albums with his new band. Jim Wilbur, also of Superchunk fame plays bass, so you know it's good.

Their latest album, Bright Ideas, (via Merge) is delightful indie pop trinket with enough up tempo pep to satisfy even the the most ADD stricken hipster.. Putting their record on and jamming out to the keyboards makes me feel good all over, in a non sexual way, of course. Give it a run if you're a fan of Superchunk or jumpy pop music.

Check out Conor Oberst's review of their album

Portastatic - I Wanna Know Girls
Portastatic - Noisy Night
Portastatic - You Know Where To Find Me (live)
Portastatic - Hurricane Warning (live)

Youth Group, not the religious zealot stuff:

Dude, if Chris Walla from Death Cab likes a band, then by God, so do I. Psyche. Walla's affirmation of a group doesn't carry any weight here at MYCT, so he's lucky that we happen to enjoy the music of the band Youth Group, who open up for the Cab here in Chicago this evening. Via the OC, like most bloggable bands, their indie pop is easy, charming, and melodic enough to make you glad that Coldplay still has a huge influence worldwide. They hail from down under and describe themselves as being at the forefront of an: "
exciting new era in Australian alternative music" whatever that is. I thought the Australian scene ended when Silverchair died (anyone remember how much those chaps rocked?).

Skeleton Jar
is the bands second album and the first to be released in the US. Left field, yet highly emotive lyrics navigate their way across varied landscapes of pop, folk, and indie rock terrain. The beauty of this album is that every note is well-placed, every strum thought through, economic in the precision of the pop-coated anger. If the darkened cover and alienated artwork don't tip you early, this is a dark album. Tightened, taut even, Toby Martin's unmistakably melancholic voice remains pure and potent throughout.

Youth Group - Skeleton Jar

Vikes get down like it's 1984

+ +

Just another day in Minnersoter, heh...

Anyone see this? The Vikes had a massive sex party with drugs and hookers and what not. And people are surprised!?! It's the NFL, where you can either kill someone, sell drugs, or have orgies and still play on Sunday. No wonder Minnesota sucks soo bad this year. It's like Miami but with snow and fishing.

The White Sox..... doesn't look like their small ball works against the Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim in California, USA. Couldn't steal a base if you paid them. De Luca thinks that the series will go seven and judging by last night's game, I'm pretty sure it will as well. Even matchup all around. Podsednick is overrated, big time. Molina, on the other hand, is underrated big time. If his little brother pans out and hits in the playoffs like he has been, then the Cards have a stud in the waiting my friends. I thought Scotty sucked in Milwaukee, think how good the Sox would be with Lee killing the ball.

Fockin' Mariotti. Daley thinks that the Sox can never compete with the Cubs because they "are not run by a major corporation (Tribune Co.). He's right, but I'm an implanted Sox fan so Old Jay and the Mayor can go straight to hell.

Lets see what the redbirds can do tonight against Houston's big three who will pitch six games throughout the series. Win, that's what they'll do.

Like I said yesterday, the Bears are starting their season ending implode a little early this year. Sweet. They can't even have real sex parties like the rest of the lowly North Div. Only a half game back, but

What's up with TV this year? Nip/Tuck completely sucks, The West Wing is on the downslide, The OC blows, Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy aren't the same.....the list goes on and on. Maybe it's that I"m getting older, but the only two shows I regularly Tivo anymore are My Name is Earl and The Office. Funny sheez.

I visited a dental office for an appointment for the first time in well over a year yesterday (make sure you're going every six months kiddos), and it was an eye opening experience. The doc had some kick ass machines/computer programs and was more than happy to show me around/teach me a few things. Very cool. It excited me in a total nerdy dental way, and I'm stoked that some day i'll get to play with wicked little gadjets like lasers and cerec machines. Check out this guy on the left. It's awesome. Mills a crown in office, lets you place it in one need to put on a temp crown/send stuff to the lab. By the time i'm making real money (five/ten years post 2008) it should be the standard of care. Good times yah'll.

Last week a picture of Kyle Orton floated around the internet depcting him drinking and getting pretty hammered at a college bar in Iowa of all places. Well, not to be out-done, here is a pic of Rex Grossman doing nitrous at a party in Gainsville, circa 2000(ish). Great the two leaders of the Bears are both substance abusers....and Randy Moss gets called out for pokin' some smot once "every blue moon..."

Time for the most random mix, ever!:

Big ole' post with tons of rock music...

Uhh yah, we're better than Purdue..

Here is where I would normally explain my blogging absence, but let's just put it this way: Dental School is kicking my white ass. Removable partial denture exam tomorrow, three tests last week, and five tests next week. As if I didn't have enough lab work to catch up on. Whatever, 2008, that's all I care about. I had my first patient last week and it went really well. Nice lady, 50ish with only 12 remaining teeth. I took out here partial denture and gave her a cleaning/probing depth schpeal. She actually really appreciated my help and was more than happy to talk about her family/the white sox, etc. I'm so much better clinically than all of the ubber nerds in my class. In fact, I had to help one of the girls that will prob. be top ten in our class (think super quiet hardworking Asian girl) explain to her patient that we needed $12.00 from her since she was on public aide. I've come to the realization that the super smart kids aren't going to make any money when we all graduate and move on to our respective practices (hopefully mine will be out west). If that's the case, I'm gonna be rich.

Aside from the hell that is dental school, it's been a good few days. Mere and I made it down to Bloomington (or B-Town for those in the know) last weekend and had one hell of a time at homecoming. It's exciting to see people actually amped up for Indiana football, for the first time in my life, even though it is Indiana Football. Billboards were all over Indy with shit like "big crowds help win games.." Now that's some advertising. We never actually made it inside to the game (read: tailgating is way more fun), and were both pretty sloshed by noon on Saturday. IU whomped Ron Zook's shitty Illini, duh... so I've been rubbing it in all week here in Illinois. We'll see how good they really are when they play at Iowa next weekend. If they can pull one out in the Pink locker rooms , i'll be stoke. James Hardy (pictured left) is going to be an NFL wideout some day. 6'7" with a 4.4, yah...lets go Bears...We tried to go out Sat. night, but can't drink like we used to. Great day for football, all around. Recovered on Sunday and Monday, but I'm still paying for it today. I suck.

Speaking of sucking. My Bears suck. Straight Suck. They're bad. Personally, I'm hoping they tank the rest of the year and get Matt L. via the first pick in the draft. Cedric Benson looked horrible, and isn't even slated to start this week (Thomas Jones is out! Great....even better). Kyle Orton is destined to coach high school football, and the defense that was supposed to be "one of the top three in the league" according to retard Lovie Smith got torched by Trent Dilfer. Trent fucking Dilfer! That's sad. Shake it up bitch.

My fantasy teams both took a hit this week. I moved Culpepper and got J. Lewis in return in one that's rad. I'm goign to get better w/ D. Davis/Lewis this week, we'll see what happens. Whatever, I don't even care anymore, not sure why I'm talking about it. You probably don't' want to even read this shit. I'm sorry.

Chicago/St. Louis World Series? Hell Yes. It's going to happen and Fox is going to be super pissed. Screw the Yankees. If the cards bullpen can hold up, they're going all the way. You heard it here six months ago.

Let's do some music, shal we?

Editors - All Sparks
I've been a little disappointed with this album. Stemming from the numerous Interpol comparisons, and the super England style hype, I thought they would rock some socks. Half right. Descent album with a ton of filler. Interpol they are not.

Fiona Apple - Tymps (The Sick In The Head Song)
The bitch is crazy, but damn can she sing. I've been really into her album lately and it carried me through a horrendous wax up project the past two days. Beautiful stuff from the head case. Don't miss this album, if you have, you suck.

Rolling Stones - Laugh I Nearly Died
They can still rock. I'm serious. Even at 80+ and devoid of most drugs, their music still carries serious weight. This is the best song on the album. Mick is dead on when he's heartbreakingly trying to capture something. I'm surprised his heart is still beating, but damn.

Broken Social Scene - Handjobs For The Holidays
Another album that kind of blows ass. I just don't get their slow, schmoozy singing and don't think that they really talk about anything at all on this album. Pretty similar to the first, but with more mailed in songs. Pitchfork loved it, I didn't. This is the most creatively titled song on an otherwise blase album.

Wolf Parade - You Are A Runner And I Am My Father's Son
This album doesn't disappoint. Rock. Love the whole thing. Special thanks to Kyle for hooking me up with this one, and special thanks to George Carlin who said: "You never see a smiling runner.."

I was going to put up some Spinto Band, cause all of the bloggers are raving about their stuff....but....they suck. Seriously. From here on out, I promise not to post any shitty music just because it's all "indie," and no one has ever heard it. Fair enough.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Wolf Parade and I'm back BITCHES

Hello there readers and various spammers that show up and post on this here blog. Been away for awhile, but you all know, I'm still kickin it w/ the Yellow Teeth.

Let's see, here's a quick update of Kyle's world. If you don't care, scroll down to the free tunes I'm puttin up later. Two new people hired at work, see how that goes. World Beer Fest up in Durham this weekend, can't freakin wait. Riding bike like it's going out of style, maybe it's going out of style. Hill repeats today during my long break, legs hurt long time.

Baseball Gods be smiling on the Cards/W. Sox. Yankees suck, hope they lose, but of course they won't.

Kelly's pledge class had a member get hit by a bus. The poor girl died, really sad story. Vigil for Sarah

Tammy, yes another freakin named storm, which ties the record for most named storms, is coming ashore and bringing rain to the NC. All people talk about is how much we need some rain. Well there you go. Tammy's comin

Tom and Katie are expecting. Turns out the kid is going to be nearly old enough for the father to start dating. In West Virgina it's probably even legal. Name it Kyle

Our fearless leader Big George W picked a real winner for the Supreme Court. Yeah was never a judge, but who cares. It's not like it's the highest court in all the land. do you say that?

A lot of people think that Apple is going to announce a video iPod on Oct. 12, well except for this guy. No video on the iPod?

A Halo movie, video game nerds just creamed themselves. Oh and Peter Jackson is directing.

Been listening to a lot of Wolf Parade's Apologies to the Queen Mary. Yeah yuck it up. Hipster points here, but it's really great. Throw up some tracks when I get off work.

The real world sucks.

Me on steroids and some free Harvey Danger

So the Doc at the beautiful UIC medical family practice put me on 60 mgs of Prednisone for a few days to take down the swelling/inflammation around my ankle post bee sting. I've been one mean mother f'er all day. Grumpy, shitty, and generally not interested in anything that has to do with dental school. I have been working out like a mofo lately, though, and am going to do a 20 week training program to set my arse up for a 1/2 ironman sometime next spring. Look out beeyatches. Steroids have always fascinated me, chemically speaking, and they can reek havoc on even the most pristine body (like mine). Not a good thing, not a bad thing....crazy pills.. Now HGH, that's the shit to get.... cough Barry Bonds....cough...

Speaking of baseball. My Redbirds are up 1-0 against the holly fathers and almost blew one yesterday afternoon. I had to take a "personal day" from school to watch the game, but it was well worth it. Reggie Sanders is my God. Didn't see that one coming. 6 RBIs is straight Redonk. Cards role and move on to face hopefully the Braves. We'll see, though, Houston is mega hot... Either way I'm looking forward to a Chicago/St. Louis world series....because, well that would be totally convenient for me.

Now for some music.

Remember Harvey Danger, yah the dudes who were all "flagpole sitta," back in the day? Well, they didn't die, and they're still making music. Their new album Little By Little is free. Yulp, free. I'm not entirely sure how I came across it, but this little gem has been rocking on my iPod all week. It's certainly more cheery (is that even a word) than their previous album(s), and the piano/female vocals knock it up another notch....Emeril style... Arcade Fire it is not, but hey common it's free. Intelligent, clever lyrics with pop beats, rad. Standout tracks include War Buddies and Cream and Bastards Rise. Check it out below. One smaller .mp3 version and one torrent version. Both via You can buy it on amazon and via their webpage. So rock.

Harvey Danger - Little By Little (Larger, better quality torrent)
Harvey Danger - Little By Little (.mp3)

Monday, October 03, 2005

So Long Eddy, we hardly knew your fat ass...

Quick update here as I study for a huge periodontics test (class is lamo). My beloved Bulls just announced that they have traded the oft-injured and notoriously fat/out of shape center
Eddy Curry. I've never really been a big Curry fan, he's lazy and doesn't play up to his potential (especially defensivly) but I was under the impression that theBulls were planning on building around him and Tyson Chandler. Guess I was wrong. Big props to John Paxson who said:

This has been about as uncomfortable and unusual a situation I could ever imagine. We've attempted from Day 1 to do the right thing, and I'm absolutely confident that we have in every way we went about it. And in a lot of ways we've met resistance in trying to gather all the information we feel we need.
I like what Paxson is doing here and think that the Bulls will be a force in the East within 2-3 years. Curry refused to take a DNA, which is his perogative, but all of the local sports talk guys felt that he had allready taken one and didn't like the results.... I'll bet anyone one hundred dollars that his agent had him take a test prior to saying "no." Whatever. If Eddy Curry dies in the middle of Madison Square Garden, it's ole Zeek Thomas' fault. He just loves the Bulls leftovers. Can't wait to see the reunion of Curry and Jamal Crawford...thug city biotch. Thomas, Sweetney, and Jermaine Jackson for is that even a trade? Until tommorow....

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I was on a long run Saturday night and was stung ohh about ten times by a bee in the ankle. My entire ankle/lower leg is swollen and itches like a mother. I went to see a doc at the university health center today and I can't tell you how happy I am that I didn't go to med school. Can you imagine, being overworked, dealing with sick, angry people all day....that would suck. Hooray Dental School.

Via Kyle's post the other is a little Mitch Hedberg:
Mitch Hedberg - 10 years of sleep to cavities
Mitch Hedberg - Minibars to doughnuts
Mitch Hedberg - Cookies to Jellybeans
Mitch Hedberg - Missing Dufrenes