Monday, September 12, 2005

You angry? Me too. Try some Hal.

Uhh yah, so I'm at school doing my thing and this one professor (who i've spoken of before) totally crashes down on my world and was flat out rude to me causing me to redo a ton of shit. Lets just say that I was at school today working on all kinds of stuff for redonk time periods, cool. Our school is soo disorganized. How disorganized? Well, I missed an entire session today along with about ten other people because no one failed to mention that we might have a class in the morning. Cool, thanks UIC, glad I'm getting my $60K worth. Rant over.

Now for a cool band that sorta/kinda got me through my shittay day. I'll blog about football/fantasy tommorow but until then, enjoy Hal via Ireland:

This cover art is cooler than you.

Hal are brothers Dave (26, lead vocals/guitar) & Paul Allen (23, vocals, bass), Steve Hogan (28, drums) and Stephen O’Brien (27, keyboards). All hail from in and around Kiliney, a town just south of Dublin, Ireland.

Hal’s debut album is populist and arcane, modern and timeless. Most groups aren’t endowed with a voice as breathtaking as Dave Allen’s, whose falsetto gives Hal’s songs a saintly luster and evokes the days when rock was sun-kissed. The harmonies he forges with brother Paul (it’s a blood thing, see Everly Brothers and the Wilson brothers) are warm enough to melt the coldest of hearts.

Kind of sounds like a mix b/w the New Radicals and a waaaay more talented Guster. Groovy.

Hal - Coming Right Over
Hal - What a lovely Dance
Hal - I Sat Down
Hal - Fools By Your Side


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