Monday, September 19, 2005

We must protect this house!

Can't seem to find the cord to upload the photos from Charlotte/Panthers game. Oh my frickin gawd it was awesome. Best game of the week in the NFL if you ask me. What a game. Panthers' D put the hurt on Brady's bunch. The Patriots are really missing Weis and Romeo. People were going nuts and drinking like a fish. Had one beer, but $5.50 for a 16oz brew ain't a good deal. The seat wasn't that great, but good enough to see all the action. I'll be headed back 12/4 for the Falcons/Panthers, for sure. Must say, I'm turning into a Panthers fan who still loves DA BEARS!!!!! Speaking of which, how about da Bears? They put the balls on Detroit's face. Hell, they might even win the NFC Central, because that division is about as weak as single ply toilet paper after a long night of drinking.

Sat next to a German guy who'd been in Charlotte for three years. At first he was shy, but he really opened up and we were high-fivin each other toward the end of the first half. A row below was two Patriot fans. Kept yelling in their ears about how terrible New England was and how much the Panthers rock the Southeast party. To the right was a father and son with some of the worst teeth god has ever molded. They were cool though and really into the game. A couple of fights broke out in the crowd between Panther lovers and douche bags supporting the New York Yankees of the NFL. Tom Brady was crying all game, but couldn't pick up the blitz that came from the Panthers.

Best play of the game....Brady fumbles and Peppers picks it up. He then proceeds down the line, holding the ball out the whole way like he's going to score. Didn't get in, but chucked the ball about 10 rows deep into the stands. He's a monster and one of the best defensive players in the league, screw you Indy's D. 2nd best play: a bomb down the middle to Ricky Proel. 3rd best: Big Witherspoon's diving pick-off. Spoon's in a contract year, give him his money.

Scored a Julius Peppers bobble head that sits atop my entertainment center. It's sweet. I'll throw up a pick of him after I find that blasted cable. Charlotte is a neat little town. Not too big, not too small. Reminds me of St. Louis minus baseball. The Carolina name for the Carolina Panthers is totally right on. Followed a large stream of traffic all the way back to Rockingham that had been at the game. 3-4 cars pulled off at Rockingham, Richmond County Raider fans that went to the big show. Speaking of wich, the Raiders are ranked 2nd in 4A, the top division of NC HS football. Indepedence is 1st and ranked like 6th in the nation. Going to my first Raiders game Friday because the boss is going to be out of town. Holla.



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