Monday, September 12, 2005

This county sucks

Here's a little snippet from tomorrow's paper. Yeah, they pull in some serious money on drug busts around here. This county is the best! The best at getting busted for drugs.

Richmond County leads area counties in the amount of money returned from state and federal revenue departments which was collected in illegal drug operations.
Sheriff Dale Furr said Richmond led the counties in May and June with asset forfeitures returned with $43,000. The county gets 75 percent of money from drug seizures and the sale of confiscated property back from the state.
The county led in the past six months in both state and federal returns with $76,000 in that time period.
The county gets an 80 percent return from federal sources.
He said the district includes nine counties with Robeson, Cumberland and Moore counties being larger than Richmond.
“That money will be used in the purchase of equipment for the sheriff’s office and in the war chest against drugs,” Furr said. Some of it will include buying taser guns for all deputies.


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