Sunday, September 25, 2005

Thank God it's Sunday.

Ah the weekend, or the one day that I don't have to work. Thank the good lord for Sunday and the NFL. Some great match ups this weekend including the Bears/Bengals, Patriots/Steelers, Raiders/Philly and who could forget Carolina/Miami. Put $400 on Carolina to win that one via my new bookie. Just kidding.

Went to the Richmond Raiders' game last night. They love it out here. RB is a stud, getting looked at by The Ohio State next weekend. 2nd best team in the state, bunch of tards that they are. Pretty cool though. They get into it out here, but they don't have much else so whatever.

College football Saturday was highlighted by a butt kickin at the hands of the Spartans up in Champaign. Guess the honeymoon's over for Zook and co.MSU rolls Illini

USF, yep Sothern Florida gets the upset card for the day with their win over No. 9 Louisville Upset City

USC wins their 24th, it's getting old. Iowa and Purdue fall again, as well as Michigan. Looks like it's Ohio State's year, again. Va. Tech looks like a contender and SIU had the weekend off.

Dick Cheney is OK after some serious surgery. Way to go Dick, now get back to being the Republican robot that you are. Who exactly runs this country? When do we elect a new president? God Bush sucks so bad. I'm all for supporting the Commander and Chief, but this guy? Jesus we've been screwed for years. Cheney's OK

Big march on DC today, turns out people are pissed about the whole still being in Iraq thing. Sniff sniff. Don't get me wrong, I'm against it too, but we're going to be in Iraq for a long, long time. Hope my friends over there are still kicking it, no bad news is good news. Throng, hehe trong

How about this nutjob out in Vegas. Drove a freakin' car into a crowd of people, yikes. Said he was seeing demons....Sin City nutjob

Rita hit and it seems kind of week after all the madness this hurricane season. Still lots of cars and houses under water, displaced people and a government that really isn't sure how to handle it. Bush's 2nd chance, hope he doesn't donk this one too. Stay away, your shit's under water

One final one for the videogame nuts, IGN loved NBA Live 2006, and I'll be picking it up this week. Slam Dunk

Throw up some of the new Santana + b-list musicians tomorrow, but it's time for bed. Big day tomorrow of watching football, NASCAR and not sitting in front of a computer at a newspaper.

Kyle "yeah i stay up too late because these hours suck" McCall


Blogger Eric said...

Dude. Why do you have to remind me of the humiliation that my Illini suffered at the hands of MSU this weekend? It's band enough that my uncle is an MSU alum.

3:00 PM  
Blogger Nico said...

I was at that USF-Louisville game. Pictures & commentary on my blog. That was insane. No one expected it.

11:38 PM  

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