Tuesday, September 06, 2005

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Howdy ho from the NC. Another day, another dollar here at the newspaper. The publisher got all steamed at some ads folks, ripped some stuff down and stormed out saying he'd see his sales team at 8:30 am, no clue what it was about, but it was wild. Slow day on our side of the office. I've been here nearly 3 months and still can't figure out how the phone system works. It's complicated to say the least.

TV's Gilligan passed away today, let's take a moment for Gilligan....OK, much better.

Bush and the Feds are looking into the response into the big shitstorm down in the Big Easy. Care of the NY Times:
President Bush and Congressional leaders vowed today to find out what went wrong in the federal response to Hurricane Katrina, with Mr. Bush declaring that "bureaucracy's not going to stand in the way of getting the job done for the people." And as Congress reconvened, there were predictions that federal spending on relief would be astronomical.

To paraphrase that for all the southern tards down here "George Bush is gonna get-ur-done for the American people."

I'll tell yah what's astronomical, Bush's nearly 20 percent rate of vacation time during his presidency. One fith of his time in office has been spent on his ranch or up in Wyoming. Jeez, the guy sure knows how to take a break.

Rehnquist died, he was old. Now John Roberts gets a shot at being Chief Justice. Nevermind that he's yet to be appointed to the Supreme Court, let him be the top dog. America's political system is about as messed up as the streets of New Orelans. Roberts is a Catholic, make of that what you will.

Kanye West seems to think that Bush doesn't care about black people, or atleast that's what he said on a telethon for Hurricane Katrina relief. If you haven't seent it yet, surf on on over to...


Check it out
remixed into 'Heard Em Say'

Watch Mike Myers, he has no clue what to do. They cut to Chris Tucker and his "Help, help, help, help, help" is funny as hell.

Won $10 on Miami losing to FSU last night, Go Noles! That was one of the boringest games of all time, but FSU's Xavier Lee got a few snaps. He's a 6'4" 235lb freshman that redshirted last year. 4.3 40-yard dash and can throw the ball 90 yards. Yep, he's got a gun. Too bad he can't play for the Bears this year because they are going to suck on offense. It all kicks off Thursday night with the Raiders at New England. Sunday has the Bears traveling to Washington. Might go to Charlotte and scalp a ticket for the Panthers' game. That'll only be $100!

Happy B-Day Meredith! Drink one for me.


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