Thursday, September 15, 2005

Panthers vs. Patriots

Ophelia? Weak. My first being close to a hurricane didn't live up to the potentially, well we all know how bad they can be.

Guess who’s going to the Panthers vs. the defending world champion Patriots? If you guessed Kyle McCall, pat yourself on the back because you win. That’s right faithful readers; I got a wild-hair up my arse today at work and ordered a ticket to the big game Sunday in Charlotte. Sure, I’m going by myself, but who cares, I’ll be in a crowd of Panther faithful watching a rematch of the Super Bowl from two years ago. To say I’m excited is an understatement. My love of the NFL is really taking off thanks to, one: being in football land and two: too much Madden on the PS2. Oh, and no Fox Sports Midwest to watch those wonderful Redbirds. Caught a few innings tonight, screw Chicago.

Going out to JC Penny tomorrow to purchase a righteous Julius Peppers T-shirt, score. The ticket was way, way over face value, but who cares. It’s going to be so sweet to see the NFL live, and what a game it’ll be. Patriots took out Moss and Co. last week and the Panthers are trying to stay away from falling into the dreaded 0-2 hole.

Trying to figure out betting lines it impossible. I think, keyword being think, that the Panthers are a slight favorite, but who knows, they may be a big underdog.

Guess who might get to cover the Charlotte/Darlington NASCAR races for our paper now that one of the sports guys is leaving… Well, maybe. The boss has no faith in me and his response to the question of whether we could switch the press pass to my name was “can Kyle even f(*$ing write?” Yeah, he loves me. I could bust out a story twice as good as the one our other guy wrote. Only time will tell if I get that chance.

Cards clinch the Central? Pshhhhhh as if it were ever a question. It’s the year baby. One last in Busch will be very special. If you’re going to the playoffs, I hate you. Just kidding, I’m going to see the 2003 Super Bowl Rematch. Ha. Carp and the Cards are going all the way, and it'll be on TV which means that the freakin Braves won't be on again, and again, and again. Screw you Ted Turner! And, if the good lord grants it, I’ll get to go see the National Championship rematch up at Chapel Hill Nov. 11th. Dee Brown's broken leg and some scrubs vs. who knows on UNC. Almost got my ass kicked last night at a local watering hole after work for defending the Illini. Big ups to Kelly and the U, oh and her new iPod shuffle I sent her for graduation, just a little late on that gift.

Well better get to bed so I can get up, get my ticket to the game from the kind Fedex man, ride my newly cleaned, super-degreased bike like it’s going out of style and work, sans boss, score.

#1 Panthers fan Kyle


Blogger Dodge said...

Peppers = poor man's Dwight Freeney. BOOOOO!!!! heh heh...have fun, the NFL is the best.

11:40 AM  
Blogger Kyle said...

Peppers is awesome, you take that back!

12:47 PM  
Blogger Dodge said...

lol. Peppers is pretty solid, but come on, Freeney is like 5'3" 160 and still the best in the league! OK, he's a little bigger than that.

3:25 PM  

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