Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Oh crap it's Ophelia!

In case you haven't heard yet, there' a hurricane brewing on the coast of NC. It's sitting on Wilmington and whipping around. Turned on CNN today at work and what do I see? CNN is staying at the hotel we stayed at when Ryan came out to visit. Sweet, now that hotel is famous, sort of. 85mph winds are bringing in some crashing waves. People are getting the hell out of there, and with good reason. I wonder if Ophelia would be getting the coverage it is if it weren't for it's bigger, meaner sister Katrina. Probably not.

Cards lost to the Pirates....Pirates? Still 2 to clinch if my counting is correct.
Hooked grandpa/grandma/dad and anybody else up with four tickets to the first to games of the playoffs down in St. Louis. Friend from high school works in the season ticket office for the Birds, score. Just too bad that I can't actually go. Atleast the Cards will be on TV for once out here. $16 tickets, sounds like a deal.

Stupid sports editor won't write his story and I would like to get on out of here. Boss was out tonight sick so we had an easy night. Took a 2 hour break and busted out a 20 mile ride in some hurricane-esque winds. It felt so good to get back out there. Read about a study that said people actually get depressed when their work outs get cut off. I'll be the first to tell you that the study isn't too far off. Stopped riding for a few, uh, months and my attitude changed somewhat. Now that I'm back at it, couldn't be happier.

I'll throw up some tracks later if I can figure out how you do it.



Blogger Ryan said...

That is sweet, have fun at the game guys. Wish I could go, but the angry doctors at school would rip me a new one.

8:14 PM  

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