Wednesday, September 07, 2005

NC Ramblings — Fred Bird's a PIMP!

It's Kyle from work again. Sittin here waiting on some stuff to float through the wire. Watching the Cubs vs. Cardinals on Yahoo Sports' gamecast, it's pretty boring. What a brother wouldn't do for some Fox Sports Midwest. Dad's at the game, bet he's having a blast. Hopefully they get him a win in his last trip to the old Busch, not looking good. He said the NEW Busch looks awesome, how sweet is that going to be. Plan on taking a vacation during baseball season and seeing a game at the new haven for God's favorite team, the Cardinals.

Let's see....what's going on around here....Well, one of the sports guys is out of here in a month, guess he's depressed and wants to coach high school baseball back home. Whatever gets yah through the day. The other page designer got a call from a paper back in the PA, so she'll be gone too. This place is clearing out as soon as I arrive. I'll stick it out for a year or so, but then it's "movin on up" time....sing it with me.

Bush wants 51.8 Billion dollars for Hurricane relief. That's a large chunk of change. Bet we'd have more if we weren't fighting those insurgent bastards in Iraq. Bush'll put a jihad on those mo fos.

That guy who put the Bears at number 30 certainly is a tool. Ordering an Urlacher jersey after work, orange one hopefully. Those babies are sweeeeetttt, sure as hell ain't orderin no stupid Benson jersey.

About those girls Ryan was talking about: send those girls to NC, I'm a nice guy, they can get to know me. All we have out here is girls that are only legal down in South Carolina.

One of my friends is applying for a job 3 hours south of here down in Spartanburg, SC. Hope he gets it, we'll hang.

Panthers' game on Sunday has been replaced by one final trip to the beach. Work on this tan, pick up some shades and babe watch while I sip a cold one. We'll be back just in time for the 4p.m. NFL games.



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