Thursday, September 22, 2005

Kyle's first mega-music post

Holy Shit....My Morning Jacket — Z

First things first, somebody put this up over at some Audiokraft Web site, so grab it fast, slam the cocksuckers' site. I'm sure it'll be taken down soon. Solid stuff, good quality and early. That's how me likes it.

After a couple of listens, I couldn't be happier with this album. They go in a slightly different direction on Z, but boy does it work. Some mellow stuff, some angry. Still jamming like a jam band, but bring it back in true MMJ style. I'll get this up somewhere secure this weekend because ya'll need to hear it.

  • My Morning Jacket — Z

  • Here's part 1 of Sigur Ros' new album Takk. It's Icelandic so don't expect to have any idea what is going on. Just press play and drift away. Best for iPod playing when you're trying to fall asleep. Beautiful, different and Yellow Country Teeth approved.

    Review from Amazon:
    Just when this Icelandic crew seemed stuck in loud/soft/loud/ soft rut a la Mogwai or Godspeed You Black Emperor, they release their most beguiling, subtle and beautiful album yet. This album, allegedly the group's first sung in Icelandic rather than their own made-up "Hopelandic" (not that this listener could tell the difference) is relentlessly joyous, unaffectedly rad and inventive but never just for its own sake. Strings hold an ever more prominent place in the music, and this is a good thing. Songs unfold slowly as usual, but they take unexpected turns as often as not. The brilliant "Glósóli" burbles with as much melodic invention and anything by their fellow Icelanders Mum. Takk is a delight from start to finish, managing to be both their most accessible and experimental album yet. --Mike McGonigal

    Throw part 2 up tomorrow. Enjoy.

  • Sigur Ros - 01 Takk

  • Sigur Ros - 02 Glósóli

  • Sigur Ros - 03 Hoppípolla

  • Sigur Ros - 04 Blóðnasir

  • Sigur Ros - 05 Sé_Lest

  • Sigur Ros - 06 Sæglópur

    Blogger Ryan said...

    Hey Kyle, good stuff. Gideon and Dondante are my favs so far. Rock.

    10:55 AM  
    Blogger Ryan said...

    That is a headphone album, btw. Listened to it while I did three root canals this morning, how sad is that?

    10:58 AM  
    Blogger This blog's owner said...

    Keep up the good work. I plan on checking out the Lovemakers later this evening (at work now). Hey I'm headed to your area next Thurs/Sun. You guys checking out Bob Mould at Metro?

    RE: Hipsters. Nothing ruins fun like a metrosexual with an opinion.

    11:09 AM  
    Blogger Ryan said...

    What day is it? If it's thurs, prob. not :(

    2:33 PM  
    Blogger Taxi Driver said...

    I get bored when I listen to Sigur Rós!

    7:25 PM  
    Blogger kp said...

    thanks so much for Z! you made my weekend!

    6:47 AM  

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