Monday, September 12, 2005


Dang, the Atlanta Falcons are for real. Like Mike Vick going to get some Valtrex for his little problem, for real. Didn't get to watch much of the game, only the last 10 minutes, but the Falcons' D is legit as it comes. 2 Legit To Quit, more like it. How about MC Hammer, talk about a comeback. If you haven't seen his commercial, look for it. Atlanta was rocking tonight to no end. The crowd was as rowdy as any crowd this opening weekend and it got to McNabb and Owens. Maybe those two should actually talk to each other. Atlanta was going nuts. Falcons lose to the Saints in the NFC Championship because the Yellow Country Teeth has formally picked the Saints as the team to beat this year. Or atleast I have.

Now I love me some baseball, but the NFL has become America's sport. Maybe it's baseball's long season and long games or maybe it's the large gladiator-like men destroying each other. Either way, it's taken over and there's no looking back. To bad you can't even get a ticket to a stupid Panthers game. You can get a ticket to a Bobcats' game, but they aren't sure where the post-UNC squad will play thanks to hurricane evacuees. Not refugees, damn it, as some people have been sure to point out to the paper.

Bush was in New Orleans today, but he doesn't care. The city will be drained by Oct. 8th, yeah in a month. Their airport opens tomorrow for some light traffic, that's a good sign. Bush is only there for a photo op if you ask me. Screw him.

Ophelia is coming for the coastline of the Carolinas. She's spinning off the coast of S.C., Charleston to be exact. Looks like Wilmington is going to take a beating, but you never know with these things. It's a hurricane, it's a tropical storm, it's a hurricane. If it gets anywhere near Rockingham, I'm getting in the Buick and getting the hell out of here. Back to the north where people are normal. Farmers are complaing about no rain around here, but they are sure about to get plenty of wet weather.

Ethanol is making it's way into the Charlotte area, the Buick could even run on the corn-based shiznit, well some of it.

Enough ramblings for today. Ya'll (yeah Ya'll) stay up.


Blogger Goose said...

I think losing Trotter really impacted the Eagles. Add that to the losses of Douglass and Simon and the Eagles are suddenly a porours run defense ala the Green Bay Packers (who have their own problems now without Walker).

But yeah, Ron Mexico is fucking FAST.

8:48 AM  
Blogger Kyle said...

Yeah, the Packshow's got all kinds of trouble, but they still own the Bears.

10:22 AM  

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