Thursday, September 22, 2005

Fix my bike!

There's a picture of Ryan at his white coat thingie-ma-jigger. What a nerd! He's been ready to wear that sucker for years. Congrats hombre.

Took the ole, and I mean ole, Fuji bike up to Southern Pines today for some much-needed work. Gonna cost an arm and a leg — everything costs an arm and a leg up there — but it's worth it. The leaves will be changing soon and it's going to be absolutely beautiful out here. Bike needs two new tires, a rear hub adjustment, some kind of bearing in the crankset, new handlebar tape and cables....there goes the next paycheck.

Southern Pines is like Disney Land to Rockingham's ran down carney rides. A ton of desperate trophy wives walking their children around wearing Gucci sunglasses. If only I were a gardener, I'd be having my way with one of those ladies...oh wait that's the TV show. Haven't been to Pinehurst, the home of the US Open this year, but on TV it looks like one of the most wonderful golfing places in the world. At $750 a round, it better be nice.

Got some coffee at a coffee shop up there. The guy said "hey try this" and gave me a drink with four shots of espresso in it. Still twitching, thank you very much.

Shout out to Jason Semple our newest reader. The Sempdog got a job offer in the Drity D AKA Decatur. Hope you like the smell of open ass or whatever that smell is.

Homecoming around here this weekend, going out to the game tomorrow to experience Raider football. They get so excited and travle hours for JV football, yeah JV freakin football, these people really need lives. "Did it seem like to weeks to you since the Raiders last played," a guy on the radio said today about last week being a bye week. "Seemed like two months to me."

Still looking through boxes for the cable to get some Panther game photos up, no luck. I'll try and throw up some photos of the monster 20-year-old kids that play football here, too. Sure, they can't spell Raiders, but they can hit.



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