Friday, September 02, 2005

EA Sports' NASCAR 2006

Since Ryan's out of town this weekend, I'll post some stuff. Been playing the crap out of the new NASCAR game, yeah I know, get a life or a girlfriend loser. It's a pretty solid game, but there are some glitches. The new feature this year is "Total Team Control." You can switch cars with other guys on your team, tell them to block, follow and a whole lot more, but they usually won't do it. EA also go the crazy idea of using the headset, yes Kyle has a headset mega-nerd style, to allow drivers to talk to their spotter and ask questions, give orders for pitstops and communicate with their team. Of course, it's a bit lacking. They hardly ever understand what you say and they must know it's me playing because they warn me about swearing even before my car rolls onto the track in practice. "Remember" he says, "this game is rate E, for everyone." Tonight the online gaming gets a test. People are hardcore on there and redneck as can be.

Work update: The real world sucks, just decided that. My boss has decided to allow this other girl, she wants to quit, go home earlier while I stay late and do the sports pages. Two sports writers stay and they just sit there surfing the net while I do their work after not taking a break. I told the other designer I was going to take a break last night and she flipped out. "Guess i'll just f'ing do everything, I always do f'ing everything," she said. If only she would find a job elsewhere. Good times. Did get a chance to go out and take some photos which got into the paper. I am now a famous photographer. I'll put one of them up on here later.

How about this hurricane and gas madness? My feelings are that: 1. anyone with money got the hell out of New Orleans etc. while the people who had nothing now really have nothing and what they had is full of water 2. gas is only going super up because everybody tried to fill up on the same day 3. our president is a real winner 4. St. Louis might get the NBA's Hornets, maybe 5. I'm sure "W" will find some way to blame this on terrorists.

Have a good Labor Day weekend, kick one back for me cause i'll be working.



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