Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Chicago, massive underdogs

It's gonna be a lot of this, fool!

The Bears are the 30th best team in the NFL, I think not. This guy is a tool.

So I'm back in the blog world, for real, and all is well in Chicago. We celebrated Mere's birtday last night and had a great time. She had ~6 girls over for dinner, and I was the only male there so it was fun, heh. In fact, pretty much every girl there was looking for a nice guy to "get to know" so if you're on the market lemme' know. School is going well. I rocked, seriously rocked through my operative class today. First one done (out of 35ish students) and the two professors I talked to said my work was "perfect." Nice, eat that A-Train (short for asian train, it's horrible, but common I'm the minority). I've been in a singer/songwriter mood/chill mood all day at school, so cheers!

Just to bring this back up, here is the remix of Kanye's famous rant worked into Heard Em' Say. It's solid, little off, but let me know what you think:

Kanye West - Death to Dubya (remixed)
Ryan Adams - Caterwaul
Paul McCartney - Vanilla Sky
Grandaddy - For_the_Dishwasher (Live)
My Morning Jacket - Run Thru (Live)
Cracker - Up Against the Wall Redneck Mother (Live)


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