Sunday, September 18, 2005

Celebrate good times, come on.

Dang-da-da-dang-da-dang-ga-lang-lang. Oh yeah, NL CENTRAL CHAMPIONS ST. LOUIS CARDINALS. And the victory celebration went down at Wrigley, can life get any sweeter? How about rubbin that in the face of all those pansy ass Cubs fans. Get a real team that actually wants to win. Had to come in to work because the boss was "sick" tonight. Oh well, made around $100 and didn't work too hard.

Gotta get ready for the big game in Charlotte tomorrow. Can't wait. Calling it now, Patriots get upset and Charlotte erupts, um yeah right. Patriots are mucho good, there's a little spanish for all the mexicans that I did laundry with today. They don't speak a lick of english. Here's a little tid-bit of information for yah: NC has the 2nd largest population of illegal mexicans. Cool, that'll come up in coversation for yah sometime.

Big ups to Ryan and his white jacket thingie tomorrow. If you need a good dentist to stick his hands in your mouth, call Ryan in a few years. Be takin some photos and throw em up on here at the game. Like one of Julius Peppers as seen from the very top of the stadium, AKA my seat. Budwesier commercial about "mr. nosebleed seat ticket holder" is hilarous. "Sure, it takes two mountain goats and sherpa to find your seat, but your there." Plan on drinking a couple in the parking lot and not spending a left arm for a cold one at the game. Oh it's going to be sweet. Rod Smart (He Hate Me from the XFL) will be playing, so what more does one need?

Florida over Tennessee, bet there's an uncle of mine that's not too happy about that one. Urban Myer = Urand Legend, ah ESPN, you're so funny. Notre Dame had a good thing going, for two weeks. The Ilini covered their 21.5 underdog spread, but lost in the end. 2-1 ain't bad considering they won a whole game last year. Kelly's choices of houses is narrowing down, what a decision. Salukis lost to 1-A powerhouse, sureeeeee, Western Michigan. Close game, but the Dawgs fall. Did win a T-shirt during a trivia contest on the radio. They come back from a break and say "we have a winner, Lyle McCall, I'm sorry Kyle McCall in Rockingham North Carolina knew....." Some question that I googled and won. Google is sweet.



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