Thursday, September 15, 2005

Cardinals Invade Chicago

The St. Louis Cardinals are set to start a three game series with quite possibly the worst team in the NL Central, the Chicago Cubs in about half an hour. Normally, at this point in the season I wouldn't care, but since I moved to Chicago my Cardinal pride comes out hardcore during this time of the year (when the Cubs tank and trash another hopeful season).

In honor of St. Louis:
Nelly - na-nana-na

Ahh what a great, timeless song.
Nice little article about the Nano. I want one.
Brandon Jacobs in the MFn' hizzy. Someone trade me his ass.
Looks like I was wrong on Rubber-Toe Heras. Sorry Roberto.

Tommy D isn't looking so great. I expected better than 8-9th. Maybe that's why Lance is coming back next year, que no? Or maybe it's because no one believes him. Now the Germans want some of ole' Tex... Cycling is getting ready to implode. Gonna be sweet. Drunk midget wrestling sweet.

Rammstein - Du Hast

I'll try to get a weekend mix up and running by tommorow. I've got an Endo test tommorow, though, so I'll be digging around extracted teeth all day. Don't envy me too much.


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