Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Animate Objects

The Old toofrunner knows a couple of the guys in this band and they just happen to be putting out some really solid shiat. It's smooth hip-hop, easy jazz, and decently solid lyrics, which combine to produce a solid, although slightly unoriginal (see also: Roots), sound.

Check them out via their website and see them this Friday opening up for Digable Plantes at the Rave here in Chi-cago.

Fav line from their album:
Each time I been down and I hung my head/ I remember these words that my father said/ You can’t try to breath life into the lungs of the dead/ But if you feel that you dyin' then rise again"

Midwestern hip-hop artists Animate Objects offer a conscious sensibility and a sincere, reflective delivery that together strongly recall fellow Chicagoan Common. But unlike Common, the Objects play with a consistently full instrumental section, featuring jazzy guitar riffs, ethereal keyboards, and subtle scratches.

Animate Objects - Phoenix
Animate Objects - Ridin in Fast Cars (live)
Animate Objects - Do You Know Her?(live)


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