Saturday, September 10, 2005

"And Jesus runs it in for seven yards..."

"Holly Shit, get it, ehhh?, Ok no...fine"

WTF???? Touchback Notre Dame..! Seriously, Notre Dame goes into the Big House and OWNS Mich. Well, sort of owns Mich. This is probably really hard to swallow if you're a big fan like my buddy Jimbo Dales. Muck Fichigan all day boy. I called this last week, they might even be a little ahead of schedule on the whole national championship thing. Weis is a mad genius. I went to school at Indiana, so by default I'm going to root for Jesus' favorite college team all year. Brady Quinn is going to be a superstar, who woulda thought. It's a little boring watching them play, though, it's total New England slow down control offense/pick your spots, but damn they are good. Their defense surprised the hell out of me today, they looked very solid especially up front. Hart/Henne are overrated, tell me I'm wrong.

The Samples live in Denver 1999
Saint Mary's Bell
Did you ever look so nice
Weight of the World
Like a Hurricane


Blogger Ryan said...

Shit, that might have been too soon. Snaps for this game.

12:27 PM  
Blogger gibson said...

I love the music choice :) ily

6:20 AM  

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