Friday, September 30, 2005


Opening up for Bob Mould at the Metro tonight, here in Chicago, is a group of Canadian rockers by the name of Uncut. Dance rythms with hypnotic vocals produce a high energy sound that definatley works for an opening act. Some of the best "gloom rock" I've heard in a while. Fans of Tortoise and Fugazi take note.

Uncut - Understanding the New Violence
Uncut - Intentions Change
Uncut - Copilot
Uncut - Day Breaks Red Light

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fantasy fooseball

My first fantasy football season has allready seen it's share of ups and downs. In a league with 13 of my dental school friends, I'm in pretty much last place with these guys. Culpepper and Moss are my studs, but other than that I'm hurtin'. It was my first draft and I didn't know much about fantasy football going in. I drafted Tatum Bell in the third round, lol. In a league with fellow blog nerds, I'm in first with a massive underperfomance from Peyton Manning. It's cool though, he'll come around. Gotta love those hicks.

Ohh how I long for the days of Moss/Culpepper.

Big weekend for Mere and I. We're going to do some shopping in the suburbs, a little eating in the suburbs, and ton of endo/oral path in the city. It's a give and take thing. Mere gets to drag me to a mall, and I get to drag her to a brewery. Cool, miss me some micro brews. Sounds like a great time. Gotta get a few bike rides in, too. Have yourself a good weekend. No mix this weekend, all I've been listening to is My Morning Jacket's Z. I'll try to throw some up saturday while watchin' college football.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Little early morning ADD and Travel by Sea

First off, apparently a couple of homeless people were found smoking a "joint" on the couch in the commons/patio area of my apartment complex last night. It's my couch, which I sit on all "college style" and occasionally drink a beer, so I took notice. I can't decide if it's really scary or really hilarious. One part of me says "hey it's cool, homeless people need somewhere safe to do illegal drugs" and the other part says "fuck, better move that couch." Ahh Chicago. Shoulda gone to IU.

Just a few things (20ish) that I realized yesterday during a long day of classes and "ohh doctor this, doctor that".
  1. Dental school is full of slimy, anal, and socially inept tools. Some of which are nicer than others. I'm a much better person than most of these people.
  2. The 22% carbamide peroxide bleach i'm using isn't working well enough.
  3. Not all dentists take care of their teeth. That is gross.
  4. Travel by sea is actually pretty cool (see below)
  5. The Bears are focked. Like seriously focked.
  6. They could have had the Cadi, he's the answer.
  7. Kyle Orton is not the answer.
  8. I was wrong.
  9. My fantasy team is also focked. I drafted Tatum Bell in the 3rd round.
  10. I'm a basketball fan.
  11. Eddy Curry doesn't deserve money sans DNA test.
  12. Randy Moss is the coolest NFL Player, hands down
  13. I'm doing a half ironman in five months if it kills me.
  14. We'll see about 13.
  15. Can't wait for the weekend.
  16. Indiana is going to own, I mean own Wisconsin at Madison. Who lives in Wisconsin?
  17. Can't wait for homecoming.
  18. I need to ride more, it makes me happy.
  19. I can drink a venti and not even catch a buzz.
  20. That's sad.
  21. Ebert didn't have a major hardon for Thumbsucker. I do.
Justin is embarrassed by his thumbsucking, especially when he gets a crush on a girl named Rebecca (Kelli Garner), who, like most girls nowadays, doesn't think it's cool for a thumb to get all the attention. Justin turns not to a shrink but to an orthodontist named Perry (Keanu Reeves). Perry tries hypnosis; when he asks Justin to walk in an imaginary forest and conjure his "power animal," the best Justin can come up with is a fawn. After all these years it's amazing he doesn't need braces, but instead he gets Perry's mantras: "You don't need your thumb and your thumb doesn't need you." Demonstrably not true.
Uhhh almost right there Rog'. The kid might "need" his thumb, but that shit will fuck up your your teeth, we're talking massive ortho later on. Make sure not to let your kids suck their thumbs, or other kids thumbs for that matter. If your kids are sucking another child's thumb, you're a bad parent.

Travel by Sea have never met. Seriously, not even like coffee. Cal and Brian, or TBS as all the blog nerds (or just me, whatever) call them, collaborate online, which explains why you can't find much out about them. If you know anything about these dudes, let me know. Very cool concept (making music hundreds of miles away and putting it together online) with very, very solid tunage. Neutral Milk is dead on. So if you're into them, and the internet, which i'm sure all of you are, you read "blogs" for God's sake, get on it.

Travel By Sea - I Won't Let You Down
Travel By Sea - Come Back to You
Travel By Sea - Complete Shakeup

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Osteogenesis Imperfecta I just wanna sing a song for you....

Blue sclera in the mother fuckin hizzy...

Sorry I haven't been blogging like crazy as of late (per my norm). I had a pediatric dentistry test today and have three or four practical exams coming up within the next week (all my weeks blur together, my life is one continuous school week). Peds is surprisingly interesting and you'd be amazed by the amount of f-ed up sheez that little kids can acquire/produce. I wouln't go into detail, but some of it is nasty with a capital N. Definitely not going to deal with little kids all day, but I'll take my fair share of "good" patients, you know the ones with parents who want braces and white smiles.

I only slept about four hours last night and feel totally strung out today as a result. That's ok, though. Prior to taking my test I had reservations, butt you know the old toofrunner is golden when it comes to working with little kids and what not. Look for better/more updates later this week when I have time, because you know I love you all, each in your own special way (peds line). Show, tell, do baby, show, tell, do.

I'm in love with the new MMJ. It's prob. their best work yet. James is amazing. Far and away my fav album of the year, Sufjan be damned.
Previously mentioned songs:
The Brian Jonestown Masacre - Strung Out
Wilco - Reservations
My_Morning_Jacket - Golden
Dizzee_Rascal - I_Love You

Monday, September 26, 2005


Stressful day at work. The reporters are slacking and the hammer is coming down. I was told that I'm doing a good job though, so like, that's good. Getting Oct. 8 off so the old man can come visit. We're going to the World Beer Fest World Beer Fest in Durham
Check out the video on that site. The place looks a lot like heaven does.

Didn't feel like posting much so I thought I'd throw up some quotes from a great comic I've been listening to lately Mitch Hedberg

He passed away a couple of months ago, heart attack. Couldn't find anything detailing exactly how he died, but the word on the blog street is that he was a little to into heroin.

So here are a few quotes for to think off after a long day of work:

I bought a doughnut and they gave me a receipt for the doughnut...I don't need a receipt for the doughnut - I'll just give you money and you give me the doughnut, end of transaction. We don't need to bring ink and paper into this. I can't imagine a scenario in which I would need to prove that I bought a doughnut...Some skeptical friend, donÕt even act like I didn't buy a doughnut, I've got the documentation right here...oh wait it's back home in the file...under "D", for doughnut.

I had a bag of Fritos, they were Texas grilled Fritos. These Fritos had grill marks on them. Hell yeah, reminds me of summer time, when we used to fire up the barbeque and throw down some Fritos. I can still see my dad with the apron on, better flip that Frito, dad, you know how I like mine.

I opened up a container of yogurt, and under the lid it said "Please Try Again" because they were having a contest I was unaware of. But I thought I might have opened the yogurt wrong...or maybe Yoplait was trying to inspire me, 'c'mon, Mitchell, don't give up. Please try again. A message of inspiration from your friends at Yoplait. Fruit on the bottom, hope on top.

I got an ant farm. Them fellas don't grow shit.

I want to be a race car passenger: just a guy who bugs the driver. "Say man, can I turn on the radio? You should slow down. Why do we gotta keep going in circles? Can I put my feet out the window? Man, you really like Tide..."

One time a guy handed me a picture of himself, and he said, "Here's a picture of me when I was younger." Every picture of you is of when you were younger. Here's a picture of me when I am older. You son of a bitch, how'd you pull that off? Let me see that camera...

I'm against picketing, but I don't know how to show it.

I have a cheese-shredder at home, which is its positive name. They don't call it by its negative name, which is sponge-ruiner. Because I wanted to clean it, and now I have little bits of sponge that would melt easily over tortilla chips...

The depressing thing about tennis is that no matter how much I play, I'll never be as good as a wall. I played a wall once. They're fucking relentless.

A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer.

I don't have a girlfriend. But I do know a woman who'd be mad at me for saying that.

I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to, too.

Alcoholism is a disease, but it's the only one you can get yelled at for having. Goddamn it Otto, you are an alcoholic. Goddamn it Otto, you have Lupus... one of those two doesn't sound right.

I was at this casino minding my own business, and this guy came up to me and said, "You're gonna have to move, you're blocking a fire exit." As though if there was a fire, I wasn't gonna run. If you're flammable and have legs, you are never blocking a fire exit.

My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them.

I'd hate to be a giraffe with a sore throat.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Thank God it's Sunday.

Ah the weekend, or the one day that I don't have to work. Thank the good lord for Sunday and the NFL. Some great match ups this weekend including the Bears/Bengals, Patriots/Steelers, Raiders/Philly and who could forget Carolina/Miami. Put $400 on Carolina to win that one via my new bookie. Just kidding.

Went to the Richmond Raiders' game last night. They love it out here. RB is a stud, getting looked at by The Ohio State next weekend. 2nd best team in the state, bunch of tards that they are. Pretty cool though. They get into it out here, but they don't have much else so whatever.

College football Saturday was highlighted by a butt kickin at the hands of the Spartans up in Champaign. Guess the honeymoon's over for Zook and co.MSU rolls Illini

USF, yep Sothern Florida gets the upset card for the day with their win over No. 9 Louisville Upset City

USC wins their 24th, it's getting old. Iowa and Purdue fall again, as well as Michigan. Looks like it's Ohio State's year, again. Va. Tech looks like a contender and SIU had the weekend off.

Dick Cheney is OK after some serious surgery. Way to go Dick, now get back to being the Republican robot that you are. Who exactly runs this country? When do we elect a new president? God Bush sucks so bad. I'm all for supporting the Commander and Chief, but this guy? Jesus we've been screwed for years. Cheney's OK

Big march on DC today, turns out people are pissed about the whole still being in Iraq thing. Sniff sniff. Don't get me wrong, I'm against it too, but we're going to be in Iraq for a long, long time. Hope my friends over there are still kicking it, no bad news is good news. Throng, hehe trong

How about this nutjob out in Vegas. Drove a freakin' car into a crowd of people, yikes. Said he was seeing demons....Sin City nutjob

Rita hit and it seems kind of week after all the madness this hurricane season. Still lots of cars and houses under water, displaced people and a government that really isn't sure how to handle it. Bush's 2nd chance, hope he doesn't donk this one too. Stay away, your shit's under water

One final one for the videogame nuts, IGN loved NBA Live 2006, and I'll be picking it up this week. Slam Dunk

Throw up some of the new Santana + b-list musicians tomorrow, but it's time for bed. Big day tomorrow of watching football, NASCAR and not sitting in front of a computer at a newspaper.

Kyle "yeah i stay up too late because these hours suck" McCall

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Football, it's the weekend.

Do you belIeve in the Illini? Well, maybe, sort of, but not just yet. Their defense is shotty at best, but the offense looks pretty desce, thus far against Michigan State. Hopefully they can pull one out at home and move up in their Big Ten opener. Naw, prob. not.

Speaking of Big Ten football, my Indiana Hoos' have a week off to prepare for Wisconsin, who is going to get smoked tonight against Michigan, btw, so I'm calling an upset. Coach Hep is starting to get some real players to sign with IU. Matt Mayberry (6'2"/205/4.3) orally committed to Indiana earlier this week and is tearing up the Chicago high school ranks. He picked Indiana over Ok State and Georgia, so that's new territory for Indiana. Usually we get players over Nichols State and Southern Missouri... O you get the idea. Ticket sales are up big time, and people actually care. Indiana will go to a bowl game this year and within the next three years firmly plant themselves in the middle of the big ten. That's improvement people. Don't bash it. A series of 7-4 seasons with an occasional home win over a Michigan or Purdue is the true measure of success for IU. Ger er' done.

As excited as I am for the Hoos', there are a few things that Coach Hep has done at IU that I'm not too stoked about. The rock is one of them. Apparently all of the players touch the piece of stone before each game and Memorial Stadium is now known as the Rock. Uhh...Southern Miss allready had this going, so it's a total ripoff. I'll get some picks when I head down for homecoming.

Explanation: The Rock

The Sox are heading downhill faster than Charlie Sheen backstage at a Motley Crue concert. Lets go Hafner.

I thought Khabibulin was supposed to be the shit, what gives?

Some skank prof. at Iowa is bitching about the pink walls in the visiting lockeroom at Kinnick Stadium. Common, you know your opponet will be super psyched to see pink walls pre-game, that's hilarious.

Damn right that fat ass Curry better take a DNA test. The Bulls dropped HUGE money on Chandler so Curry's heart better be full force for 6-10 years before they give him the paper.

My homeboy and yours Adewale is set to go against the Bungles. Lets go Bears!

No music today, there is a ton of shit on here, so go rock out. We're getting some major traffic here recently so keep it coming.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Kyle's first mega-music post

Holy Shit....My Morning Jacket — Z

First things first, somebody put this up over at some Audiokraft Web site, so grab it fast, slam the cocksuckers' site. I'm sure it'll be taken down soon. Solid stuff, good quality and early. That's how me likes it.

After a couple of listens, I couldn't be happier with this album. They go in a slightly different direction on Z, but boy does it work. Some mellow stuff, some angry. Still jamming like a jam band, but bring it back in true MMJ style. I'll get this up somewhere secure this weekend because ya'll need to hear it.

  • My Morning Jacket — Z

  • Here's part 1 of Sigur Ros' new album Takk. It's Icelandic so don't expect to have any idea what is going on. Just press play and drift away. Best for iPod playing when you're trying to fall asleep. Beautiful, different and Yellow Country Teeth approved.

    Review from Amazon:
    Just when this Icelandic crew seemed stuck in loud/soft/loud/ soft rut a la Mogwai or Godspeed You Black Emperor, they release their most beguiling, subtle and beautiful album yet. This album, allegedly the group's first sung in Icelandic rather than their own made-up "Hopelandic" (not that this listener could tell the difference) is relentlessly joyous, unaffectedly rad and inventive but never just for its own sake. Strings hold an ever more prominent place in the music, and this is a good thing. Songs unfold slowly as usual, but they take unexpected turns as often as not. The brilliant "Glósóli" burbles with as much melodic invention and anything by their fellow Icelanders Mum. Takk is a delight from start to finish, managing to be both their most accessible and experimental album yet. --Mike McGonigal

    Throw part 2 up tomorrow. Enjoy.

  • Sigur Ros - 01 Takk

  • Sigur Ros - 02 Glósóli

  • Sigur Ros - 03 Hoppípolla

  • Sigur Ros - 04 Blóðnasir

  • Sigur Ros - 05 Sé_Lest

  • Sigur Ros - 06 Sæglópur
  • More nerd pics and a Weekend Mix:

    Uhhhh....What happened to the OC? It's such a soap opera this year. I mean, I know it's a soap opera and all but it's really bad this year. Sad. Music has been pretty blah, too. Jeri Ryan is a terrible actress, and got is a freak-nasty republican robot. . Common! Pure shit.

    Nice picture from Kyle (below), but here is an even better one. Tell me this guy can't drill some teeth.....huh? No? Ok. Dental school blows, by the way.

    Some dick who posts, I shit you not, on was trashing this little blog of mine. Well, that guy can fuck off. Bring it over here dildo. I'm guessing that dude is pissed off because it's almost winter and his parent's basement gets really cold, and his comic book collection isn't organized at all.... Yulp, that's probably it. Don't enjoy the tunes then.

    I need a big weekend from a few new additions in my 14 team fantasy football league. I got: Foster/Blaylock/Pollard for: Bledsoe/Bell/Crayton. In a big league it's hard as f*ck to gain depth, so I'm hoping Martin and or Stephen Davis go down with nasty injuries. Yah we can hope for that....

    Culpepper is killing me. Seriously.

    Via the AP:
    Minnesota Vikings QB Daunte Culpepper admitted this week that he has been tentative on occasion and has thrown balls that he should not have in hopes of sparking the struggling Minnesota offense. "That shows I'm not perfect," said Culpepper, who has thrown eight interceptions and no passing touchdowns after the first two weeks of the 2005 season. "I've just got to keep battling through it."

    No shit Daunte, get it together, like real quick.

    Bobby J didn't do as well as I thought he would. Sucked. Shows how bad the US is at time trialing. It also shows that Hamilton was def. on some epo last year. Whatever, we own the tour.

    My Weekend Mix:
    1. Fiona Apple - Parting Gift
    2. Dandy Warhols - Smoke It
    3. The Lovemakers - Prepare For The Fight (Dummies Remix)
    4. MF Doom as King Geedorah - The Final Hour
    5. Ryan Adams - Withering Heights
    6. Disturbed - Land of Confusion (Hillarious Genesis cover)
    The Ryan Adams album will be down on Saturday, so get it while the getins' good. Giggity.

    Fix my bike!

    There's a picture of Ryan at his white coat thingie-ma-jigger. What a nerd! He's been ready to wear that sucker for years. Congrats hombre.

    Took the ole, and I mean ole, Fuji bike up to Southern Pines today for some much-needed work. Gonna cost an arm and a leg — everything costs an arm and a leg up there — but it's worth it. The leaves will be changing soon and it's going to be absolutely beautiful out here. Bike needs two new tires, a rear hub adjustment, some kind of bearing in the crankset, new handlebar tape and cables....there goes the next paycheck.

    Southern Pines is like Disney Land to Rockingham's ran down carney rides. A ton of desperate trophy wives walking their children around wearing Gucci sunglasses. If only I were a gardener, I'd be having my way with one of those ladies...oh wait that's the TV show. Haven't been to Pinehurst, the home of the US Open this year, but on TV it looks like one of the most wonderful golfing places in the world. At $750 a round, it better be nice.

    Got some coffee at a coffee shop up there. The guy said "hey try this" and gave me a drink with four shots of espresso in it. Still twitching, thank you very much.

    Shout out to Jason Semple our newest reader. The Sempdog got a job offer in the Drity D AKA Decatur. Hope you like the smell of open ass or whatever that smell is.

    Homecoming around here this weekend, going out to the game tomorrow to experience Raider football. They get so excited and travle hours for JV football, yeah JV freakin football, these people really need lives. "Did it seem like to weeks to you since the Raiders last played," a guy on the radio said today about last week being a bye week. "Seemed like two months to me."

    Still looking through boxes for the cable to get some Panther game photos up, no luck. I'll try and throw up some photos of the monster 20-year-old kids that play football here, too. Sure, they can't spell Raiders, but they can hit.


    Tuesday, September 20, 2005

    Jacksonville City Nights

    It might take me three our four listens to get into this album, but after a first run through today, it seems to be growing on me. Ryan Adams wants to write romantic country balads, which is fine with me, I'm into that. Unfortunately for Adams, Jacksonville isn't the most romantic city (Jacksonville isn't a heart wrenching city either). Adams isn't Young and he isn't Cash, in fact I'm not sure what he is/wants to be. One hell of an artist, perhaps? Whatever that might be. Pumping out great tunes left and right. I'm more of a Cold Roses fan, but it's good to see him delving further into his roots.

    A song by song schpeal, feel free to add your thoughts via comments. My favorite songs are up with reviews of the rest.

    1. A KISS BEFORE I GO - Like the whole shot/beer concept but Adams voice doesn't do it for me here. B

    2. THE END - Jacksonville, ummm k. Good title. B-

    3. HARD WAY TO FALL - Better, kind of the steel guitar. A-

    4. DEAR JOHN - Norah Jones joins for a pretty fantastic song. Starting to pick up. A

    5. THE HARDEST PART - True love ain't the hardest part. B+

    6. GAMES - ehhh... ummm ehh... ok... C

    7. SILVER BULLETS - Better, warmer, love the piano. B+

    8. PEACEFUL VALLEY - Ok, I finally get the voice. Very well. Good jam at the end. A

    9. SEPTEMBER - Pick it up half way through. Sleepy at first. B

    10. MY HEART IS BROKEN - I'm a sucker for the honky tonk, which his voice is more suited for. A-

    11. TRAINS - Best guitar on the album. I hate it when trains are in my head. B

    12. PA - Sleepy. Little too sleepy for me. C

    13. WITHERING HEIGHTS - Favorite song after second listen. Could be on to something. B+

    14. DON'T FAIL ME NOW - Darker ending than I expected. Still cool. A-

    We gave our first injections today at school. The entire left side of my face has been numb all night. Cool. I shot the shit with an oral surgery resident about getting some nitrous over to a group of six guys I was working with because some of their hands were super shaky. Luckly the toofrunner has dead steady hands and his patient didn't even feel the injection. More tommorow.

    Monday, September 19, 2005

    We must protect this house!

    Can't seem to find the cord to upload the photos from Charlotte/Panthers game. Oh my frickin gawd it was awesome. Best game of the week in the NFL if you ask me. What a game. Panthers' D put the hurt on Brady's bunch. The Patriots are really missing Weis and Romeo. People were going nuts and drinking like a fish. Had one beer, but $5.50 for a 16oz brew ain't a good deal. The seat wasn't that great, but good enough to see all the action. I'll be headed back 12/4 for the Falcons/Panthers, for sure. Must say, I'm turning into a Panthers fan who still loves DA BEARS!!!!! Speaking of which, how about da Bears? They put the balls on Detroit's face. Hell, they might even win the NFC Central, because that division is about as weak as single ply toilet paper after a long night of drinking.

    Sat next to a German guy who'd been in Charlotte for three years. At first he was shy, but he really opened up and we were high-fivin each other toward the end of the first half. A row below was two Patriot fans. Kept yelling in their ears about how terrible New England was and how much the Panthers rock the Southeast party. To the right was a father and son with some of the worst teeth god has ever molded. They were cool though and really into the game. A couple of fights broke out in the crowd between Panther lovers and douche bags supporting the New York Yankees of the NFL. Tom Brady was crying all game, but couldn't pick up the blitz that came from the Panthers.

    Best play of the game....Brady fumbles and Peppers picks it up. He then proceeds down the line, holding the ball out the whole way like he's going to score. Didn't get in, but chucked the ball about 10 rows deep into the stands. He's a monster and one of the best defensive players in the league, screw you Indy's D. 2nd best play: a bomb down the middle to Ricky Proel. 3rd best: Big Witherspoon's diving pick-off. Spoon's in a contract year, give him his money.

    Scored a Julius Peppers bobble head that sits atop my entertainment center. It's sweet. I'll throw up a pick of him after I find that blasted cable. Charlotte is a neat little town. Not too big, not too small. Reminds me of St. Louis minus baseball. The Carolina name for the Carolina Panthers is totally right on. Followed a large stream of traffic all the way back to Rockingham that had been at the game. 3-4 cars pulled off at Rockingham, Richmond County Raider fans that went to the big show. Speaking of wich, the Raiders are ranked 2nd in 4A, the top division of NC HS football. Indepedence is 1st and ranked like 6th in the nation. Going to my first Raiders game Friday because the boss is going to be out of town. Holla.


    The Lovemakers

    Chin omelets galore!

    As their name implies, the Lovemakers (via Oakland) are a sexual band that makes new wavish pop music, lets call it new pop. No, that's lame? Ok, pop wave, whatever you want guy.

    I have to admit that I tried very, very hard to dislike their album, Times of Romance, and passed it off after a first listen as shitty Duran Duran rippage. But, boy was I wrong. Their music is catchy as hell and if I were a comparison man, I would call it New Pornographers slightly mixed with a little Bravery influenced by Human League. How's that for a comparison. The Bravery might be the shittiest band on earth, btw... The sexual theme gets a little old after a while, but the synth hooks carry their music and make for a solid, solid album. The title track might be the best of the bunch, as it chronicles passionate lovers heading downhill driven by violins. Check these guys out.

    The Lovemakers - Is It Alright?
    The Lovemakers - Gonna Find
    The Lovemakers - Times of Romance
    The Lovemakers - Prepare for the Fight

    Had to take these down to make room for JCN. If you want the album shoot me an email and i'll hook up a torrent. Holler.

    The D-Train thinks that Carp deserves the Cy Young. Nice.

    Sunday, September 18, 2005

    Cards/Hoosiers win, Fantasy Football ownage....

    This weekend was full of mixed results. My
    fantasy team won again (barely) with a just above average perfomance from everyone and zero, yulp zero points from Payton Manning... ohh and one measly point from C. Martin. . I still manhandled Dodge, though,so all is well. Drew Brees, scoff. Ohh and to make matters worse my Indiana Hoosiers trumped, like really trumped the Wildcats over the weekend. Soo... that makes that.. umm... Yellow Teeth 2 - Old Kentucky 0. The Hoosiers are heading in the right direction and are one of only 25 teams at 3-0.

    I have Cullpepper in another league, shit Cullpepper. Wow. He's terrible. I had the seventh pick and no choice, he's bad right now...hopefully Curtis Martin can get some stank on his hang down, too, fockin asap.

    As Kyle talked about, the Cardinals clinched the NL Central Yesterday at the friendly confines. The Cubs are hoorible. They can't produce runs and have shaky pitching at best. Ohh and they're paying Nomah 8 million dollars this season with even more going to Sammy...what a joke. Cardinals are going to win the world series. Here are the best pictures with a little note for each. Cubs fans are pretty rude to the Cards fans, but rightfully so. Infact I had a guy belch in my face and another guy refuse to take a picture of Meredith and I. Cool. We just clinched the Central Title at out biggest rivals house. Suckers.

    Wrigley Stadium, beautiful day

    Pregame photo. Notice the B1 shaded teeth.

    Izzy Closes Down the Game

    It's a celebration, scrubs fans.

    Hugs. What good teams do.

    Postgame Pic. Doesn't that background look fake. ILY

    All in all a good time. I made it out to four Cubs games this season and had a rocking good time every time. It's no Busch, but it is still pretty fun. More latero.

    Celebrate good times, come on.

    Dang-da-da-dang-da-dang-ga-lang-lang. Oh yeah, NL CENTRAL CHAMPIONS ST. LOUIS CARDINALS. And the victory celebration went down at Wrigley, can life get any sweeter? How about rubbin that in the face of all those pansy ass Cubs fans. Get a real team that actually wants to win. Had to come in to work because the boss was "sick" tonight. Oh well, made around $100 and didn't work too hard.

    Gotta get ready for the big game in Charlotte tomorrow. Can't wait. Calling it now, Patriots get upset and Charlotte erupts, um yeah right. Patriots are mucho good, there's a little spanish for all the mexicans that I did laundry with today. They don't speak a lick of english. Here's a little tid-bit of information for yah: NC has the 2nd largest population of illegal mexicans. Cool, that'll come up in coversation for yah sometime.

    Big ups to Ryan and his white jacket thingie tomorrow. If you need a good dentist to stick his hands in your mouth, call Ryan in a few years. Be takin some photos and throw em up on here at the game. Like one of Julius Peppers as seen from the very top of the stadium, AKA my seat. Budwesier commercial about "mr. nosebleed seat ticket holder" is hilarous. "Sure, it takes two mountain goats and sherpa to find your seat, but your there." Plan on drinking a couple in the parking lot and not spending a left arm for a cold one at the game. Oh it's going to be sweet. Rod Smart (He Hate Me from the XFL) will be playing, so what more does one need?

    Florida over Tennessee, bet there's an uncle of mine that's not too happy about that one. Urban Myer = Urand Legend, ah ESPN, you're so funny. Notre Dame had a good thing going, for two weeks. The Ilini covered their 21.5 underdog spread, but lost in the end. 2-1 ain't bad considering they won a whole game last year. Kelly's choices of houses is narrowing down, what a decision. Salukis lost to 1-A powerhouse, sureeeeee, Western Michigan. Close game, but the Dawgs fall. Did win a T-shirt during a trivia contest on the radio. They come back from a break and say "we have a winner, Lyle McCall, I'm sorry Kyle McCall in Rockingham North Carolina knew....." Some question that I googled and won. Google is sweet.


    Friday, September 16, 2005

    Weekend Mix Vol. 1

    Trying a new thing here. Seven songs, one EP, all me. Have a kick ass weekend, I know I will as I watch the Cards stuff the Cubs on Saturday.

    1. Danger Doom ft. Talib Kweli - Old School
    2. Boards of Canada - Oscar See Through Red Eye
    3. Andrew Bird - Measuring Cups (Live at the Metro)
    4. Lightning Bolt - Bizarro Bike
    5. Ben Kweller - Hear Me Out
    6. Bloc Party - Plans (Replanned by Mogwai)
    7. David Gray - One I Love (Live)

    Thursday, September 15, 2005

    Panthers vs. Patriots

    Ophelia? Weak. My first being close to a hurricane didn't live up to the potentially, well we all know how bad they can be.

    Guess who’s going to the Panthers vs. the defending world champion Patriots? If you guessed Kyle McCall, pat yourself on the back because you win. That’s right faithful readers; I got a wild-hair up my arse today at work and ordered a ticket to the big game Sunday in Charlotte. Sure, I’m going by myself, but who cares, I’ll be in a crowd of Panther faithful watching a rematch of the Super Bowl from two years ago. To say I’m excited is an understatement. My love of the NFL is really taking off thanks to, one: being in football land and two: too much Madden on the PS2. Oh, and no Fox Sports Midwest to watch those wonderful Redbirds. Caught a few innings tonight, screw Chicago.

    Going out to JC Penny tomorrow to purchase a righteous Julius Peppers T-shirt, score. The ticket was way, way over face value, but who cares. It’s going to be so sweet to see the NFL live, and what a game it’ll be. Patriots took out Moss and Co. last week and the Panthers are trying to stay away from falling into the dreaded 0-2 hole.

    Trying to figure out betting lines it impossible. I think, keyword being think, that the Panthers are a slight favorite, but who knows, they may be a big underdog.

    Guess who might get to cover the Charlotte/Darlington NASCAR races for our paper now that one of the sports guys is leaving… Well, maybe. The boss has no faith in me and his response to the question of whether we could switch the press pass to my name was “can Kyle even f(*$ing write?” Yeah, he loves me. I could bust out a story twice as good as the one our other guy wrote. Only time will tell if I get that chance.

    Cards clinch the Central? Pshhhhhh as if it were ever a question. It’s the year baby. One last in Busch will be very special. If you’re going to the playoffs, I hate you. Just kidding, I’m going to see the 2003 Super Bowl Rematch. Ha. Carp and the Cards are going all the way, and it'll be on TV which means that the freakin Braves won't be on again, and again, and again. Screw you Ted Turner! And, if the good lord grants it, I’ll get to go see the National Championship rematch up at Chapel Hill Nov. 11th. Dee Brown's broken leg and some scrubs vs. who knows on UNC. Almost got my ass kicked last night at a local watering hole after work for defending the Illini. Big ups to Kelly and the U, oh and her new iPod shuffle I sent her for graduation, just a little late on that gift.

    Well better get to bed so I can get up, get my ticket to the game from the kind Fedex man, ride my newly cleaned, super-degreased bike like it’s going out of style and work, sans boss, score.

    #1 Panthers fan Kyle

    Cardinals Invade Chicago

    The St. Louis Cardinals are set to start a three game series with quite possibly the worst team in the NL Central, the Chicago Cubs in about half an hour. Normally, at this point in the season I wouldn't care, but since I moved to Chicago my Cardinal pride comes out hardcore during this time of the year (when the Cubs tank and trash another hopeful season).

    In honor of St. Louis:
    Nelly - na-nana-na

    Ahh what a great, timeless song.
    Nice little article about the Nano. I want one.
    Brandon Jacobs in the MFn' hizzy. Someone trade me his ass.
    Looks like I was wrong on Rubber-Toe Heras. Sorry Roberto.

    Tommy D isn't looking so great. I expected better than 8-9th. Maybe that's why Lance is coming back next year, que no? Or maybe it's because no one believes him. Now the Germans want some of ole' Tex... Cycling is getting ready to implode. Gonna be sweet. Drunk midget wrestling sweet.

    Rammstein - Du Hast

    I'll try to get a weekend mix up and running by tommorow. I've got an Endo test tommorow, though, so I'll be digging around extracted teeth all day. Don't envy me too much.

    Wednesday, September 14, 2005


    Ohhh lust after that shit. Chris King is putting out a group of parts for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and man are they sweet. I'm manly enough to admit that that headset is sick, and don't get me started on the hubs... ohh those sexy hubs.

    While we're bike pornin' it check out this sweet felt for '06....damn...

    Someday when I have endless cash I'm gonna go nuts. Someday. Speaking of which, I made some custom bleaching trays for myself at school today (things are finally paying off). Pretty easy stuff to make and docs charge redonk prices for the

    Oh crap it's Ophelia!

    In case you haven't heard yet, there' a hurricane brewing on the coast of NC. It's sitting on Wilmington and whipping around. Turned on CNN today at work and what do I see? CNN is staying at the hotel we stayed at when Ryan came out to visit. Sweet, now that hotel is famous, sort of. 85mph winds are bringing in some crashing waves. People are getting the hell out of there, and with good reason. I wonder if Ophelia would be getting the coverage it is if it weren't for it's bigger, meaner sister Katrina. Probably not.

    Cards lost to the Pirates....Pirates? Still 2 to clinch if my counting is correct.
    Hooked grandpa/grandma/dad and anybody else up with four tickets to the first to games of the playoffs down in St. Louis. Friend from high school works in the season ticket office for the Birds, score. Just too bad that I can't actually go. Atleast the Cards will be on TV for once out here. $16 tickets, sounds like a deal.

    Stupid sports editor won't write his story and I would like to get on out of here. Boss was out tonight sick so we had an easy night. Took a 2 hour break and busted out a 20 mile ride in some hurricane-esque winds. It felt so good to get back out there. Read about a study that said people actually get depressed when their work outs get cut off. I'll be the first to tell you that the study isn't too far off. Stopped riding for a few, uh, months and my attitude changed somewhat. Now that I'm back at it, couldn't be happier.

    I'll throw up some tracks later if I can figure out how you do it.


    Tuesday, September 13, 2005

    Running Into Z-Trip

    So, I'm hammering out a ride last night just laying into a heavy gear straight headwind when I look up and see a stage with a ton of people in bright yellow shirts running around it. The people were part of Nike's Run Hit Wonder (get it), and the man on the stage was none other than Dj Z-trip, who I wouldn't call a "one hit wonder.". Apparently Fountains of Wayne (I couldn't find their stage), Joan Jett, and the Donnas were also playing. I really lucked out stumbling onto Z-trip in the middle of Grant Park, so it was a nice surprise. I wanted to walk up to him, introduce myself, and let him know that I was a fan, but I was fully clad in spandex.... so he might not have been into that sort of thing.... Half the tool bags running the 10K had no idea who Z-Trip was, but that's their loss. Nike really knows how to put together a race. As they should. Nice course, lots of staff, and a beautiful night in Chicago mix well with good music. Maybe next year I'll just go and walk the course, but only if Poison plays.

    Z Trip/P - Dust in the Wind Mix
    Z Trip/P - Like a Prayer Mix
    Z Trip/P - Star Wars Mix
    Z Trip - Walking Dead

    name: King, iPod

    Ok, so if you aren't aware I'm in a nasty "iPod war" with Scott from Auditorium. His playlist is pretty good and so is mine... So, for the sake of all randomly generized playlists everywhere please go and vote for either Scott or myself at Music Cherry. I like both of our playlists. Mine is a little too "indie" and his is a little more "80's/rock." Now listen to some jazz

    Zach Brock and the Coffee Achievers - 1 A.M. Gate
    Zach Brock and the Coffee Achievers - Cold Turkey
    Zach Brock and the Coffee Achievers - Almost Never Was

    "It's hard to pin down violinist Zach Brock and his band The Coffee Achievers on their second album Chemistry; the CD starts out with a fusion track, Cold Turkey, complete with rapid speaker-to-speaker panning and electric violin with distortion, but switches to the album's only vocal track with lyrics, This Is Just, with singer Melissa Stylianou. But it's that variety, and the strength of the compositions by Brock, keyboardist Sam Barsh (featured on the new Avishai Cohen album), and bassist Matt Wigton, that make this so enjoyable to listen to from end-to-end. That variety also means that there's a track or two - at least - for almost any mainstream jazz station, whether it's the contemporary funky feel of 1 A.M. Gate, the pretty interplay of cello, violin, and vocals on Playa Blanca, or the frantic, dual electric violins on Remember Young Ray. Chemistry should appeal to younger listeners as well as those in your older core audience who remember some of the more electric sounds of the seventies." - Ed Trefzger

    Monday, September 12, 2005


    Dang, the Atlanta Falcons are for real. Like Mike Vick going to get some Valtrex for his little problem, for real. Didn't get to watch much of the game, only the last 10 minutes, but the Falcons' D is legit as it comes. 2 Legit To Quit, more like it. How about MC Hammer, talk about a comeback. If you haven't seen his commercial, look for it. Atlanta was rocking tonight to no end. The crowd was as rowdy as any crowd this opening weekend and it got to McNabb and Owens. Maybe those two should actually talk to each other. Atlanta was going nuts. Falcons lose to the Saints in the NFC Championship because the Yellow Country Teeth has formally picked the Saints as the team to beat this year. Or atleast I have.

    Now I love me some baseball, but the NFL has become America's sport. Maybe it's baseball's long season and long games or maybe it's the large gladiator-like men destroying each other. Either way, it's taken over and there's no looking back. To bad you can't even get a ticket to a stupid Panthers game. You can get a ticket to a Bobcats' game, but they aren't sure where the post-UNC squad will play thanks to hurricane evacuees. Not refugees, damn it, as some people have been sure to point out to the paper.

    Bush was in New Orleans today, but he doesn't care. The city will be drained by Oct. 8th, yeah in a month. Their airport opens tomorrow for some light traffic, that's a good sign. Bush is only there for a photo op if you ask me. Screw him.

    Ophelia is coming for the coastline of the Carolinas. She's spinning off the coast of S.C., Charleston to be exact. Looks like Wilmington is going to take a beating, but you never know with these things. It's a hurricane, it's a tropical storm, it's a hurricane. If it gets anywhere near Rockingham, I'm getting in the Buick and getting the hell out of here. Back to the north where people are normal. Farmers are complaing about no rain around here, but they are sure about to get plenty of wet weather.

    Ethanol is making it's way into the Charlotte area, the Buick could even run on the corn-based shiznit, well some of it.

    Enough ramblings for today. Ya'll (yeah Ya'll) stay up.

    You angry? Me too. Try some Hal.

    Uhh yah, so I'm at school doing my thing and this one professor (who i've spoken of before) totally crashes down on my world and was flat out rude to me causing me to redo a ton of shit. Lets just say that I was at school today working on all kinds of stuff for redonk time periods, cool. Our school is soo disorganized. How disorganized? Well, I missed an entire session today along with about ten other people because no one failed to mention that we might have a class in the morning. Cool, thanks UIC, glad I'm getting my $60K worth. Rant over.

    Now for a cool band that sorta/kinda got me through my shittay day. I'll blog about football/fantasy tommorow but until then, enjoy Hal via Ireland:

    This cover art is cooler than you.

    Hal are brothers Dave (26, lead vocals/guitar) & Paul Allen (23, vocals, bass), Steve Hogan (28, drums) and Stephen O’Brien (27, keyboards). All hail from in and around Kiliney, a town just south of Dublin, Ireland.

    Hal’s debut album is populist and arcane, modern and timeless. Most groups aren’t endowed with a voice as breathtaking as Dave Allen’s, whose falsetto gives Hal’s songs a saintly luster and evokes the days when rock was sun-kissed. The harmonies he forges with brother Paul (it’s a blood thing, see Everly Brothers and the Wilson brothers) are warm enough to melt the coldest of hearts.

    Kind of sounds like a mix b/w the New Radicals and a waaaay more talented Guster. Groovy.

    Hal - Coming Right Over
    Hal - What a lovely Dance
    Hal - I Sat Down
    Hal - Fools By Your Side

    This county sucks

    Here's a little snippet from tomorrow's paper. Yeah, they pull in some serious money on drug busts around here. This county is the best! The best at getting busted for drugs.

    Richmond County leads area counties in the amount of money returned from state and federal revenue departments which was collected in illegal drug operations.
    Sheriff Dale Furr said Richmond led the counties in May and June with asset forfeitures returned with $43,000. The county gets 75 percent of money from drug seizures and the sale of confiscated property back from the state.
    The county led in the past six months in both state and federal returns with $76,000 in that time period.
    The county gets an 80 percent return from federal sources.
    He said the district includes nine counties with Robeson, Cumberland and Moore counties being larger than Richmond.
    “That money will be used in the purchase of equipment for the sheriff’s office and in the war chest against drugs,” Furr said. Some of it will include buying taser guns for all deputies.

    Sunday, September 11, 2005

    The Buick Rides Again

    After a little run in with a drained battery, the Buick rides again. Sure, it's got fresh tires, but I'm starting to think it's time to get something new and make a car payment. One luxury of working for the man is having a little extra money to toss around monthy on a car. Maybe a year to two-year-old Impala? Who knows, we'll see. If you have any suggestions on a good used car that won't break the bank, feel free to drop a line. Not much of a weekend. Worked yesterday and was very tired today. Getting up tomorrow to ride, something that has been absent in my life and is missed big time.

    Bears lost, go figure. Panthers lost too, which furthers my "New Orleans will win the Super Bowl" after what has happened conspiracy. The ole' Panthers run quite the boring, smashmouth — isn't it amazing how much smashmouth gets tossed around in today's NFL landscape — style of football. Their defense sucked. Sports Illustrated picked them to win it all, shows how much they know. Oh well, they're still better than the Bears. Hmmm, who to follow that doesn't stink it up?

    Saints win Super Bowl XL, write that down.

    The Daily Journal pulled in $54,400 for the Hurricane victims as of Saturday night at the "Big Help for the Big Easy." Probably go over $60,000 by tomorrow, which isn't to shabby for this little broke town. The called in Jenna (she won Survivor "something" and Ethan, he was also on one of those shows). Not a big deal being C-List celebs and all, but a big deal to this town.

    I was gonna throw up a link for Granpa, but I forget. If you remember, e-mail me.

    Wow, the Colts put it on the Ravens in the 2nd half. Indy is now my new favorite most team. No high school football game this Friday, thank god.

    Better get in a Madden game online before bed.


    New Franz, erra New Franz.

    After two listens, I really like the new Franz Ferdinand album You Could Have It So Much Better. I think it's much better than their first and overall I'd say it's a 8.2. Yes an 8.2. Here are the three best songs from the album according to me.

    Franz Ferdinand - The Fallen
    Franz Ferdinand - I'm your villain
    Franz Ferdinand - Walk Away

    Saturday, September 10, 2005

    "And Jesus runs it in for seven yards..."

    "Holly Shit, get it, ehhh?, Ok no...fine"

    WTF???? Touchback Notre Dame..! Seriously, Notre Dame goes into the Big House and OWNS Mich. Well, sort of owns Mich. This is probably really hard to swallow if you're a big fan like my buddy Jimbo Dales. Muck Fichigan all day boy. I called this last week, they might even be a little ahead of schedule on the whole national championship thing. Weis is a mad genius. I went to school at Indiana, so by default I'm going to root for Jesus' favorite college team all year. Brady Quinn is going to be a superstar, who woulda thought. It's a little boring watching them play, though, it's total New England slow down control offense/pick your spots, but damn they are good. Their defense surprised the hell out of me today, they looked very solid especially up front. Hart/Henne are overrated, tell me I'm wrong.

    The Samples live in Denver 1999
    Saint Mary's Bell
    Did you ever look so nice
    Weight of the World
    Like a Hurricane

    Thursday, September 08, 2005

    Hell yes...

    Got all of my work done at school early today so I'm out, with nothing to do but ride my bike and watch football. Two O'Clock on the dot..beeyatch. Score! Had to do some work on a set of bleaching trays and a few review root canals.... but i rocked it out along with a few relaxing tracks (see below), I said good day Sir. I've been seriously slacking on my cycling updates and I'd like to apologize to all my true fans. MYCT received 585 hits (in one day) yesterday, so that's cool. Rock on, the revolution starts right now. Ali-jet is cleaning up in the Vuelta and everyones favorite EPO candidate Roberto Heras is blown. Hope Tommy Boy is getting more than his daily alloted amount of red blood cells. Armstrong is going to come back and train that lucky SOB, he'll contend at the tour next year. You heard it here first.... Say it with me, EPO:

    Erythropoietin (EPO) is a hormone produced by the kidney that promotes the formation of red blood cells by the bone marrow.

    The kidney cells that make EPO are specialized so that they are sensitive to low oxygen levels in the blood coming into the kidney. These cells make and release EPO when the oxygen level is too low.

    I found a very cool picture(s) of a guy who rode Little 500 at Indiana my sophomore year. Pretty damn impressive, hanging around with
    some serious company in San Fran.

    If I listen to Sara McLachlan's Bloom remix album, do I loose like all credibility in the hipster kingdom?

    Dirty Little Secret (Thievery Corporation Remix)
    Fallen (remix)

    Wednesday, September 07, 2005

    Weeds via the TV

    Anyone else watch Weeds Monday nights on Showtime? I have to admit, I kind of like the show. The first three episodes were pretty soft, but episodes 5 and 6 were both very good with even more hipster approved oc'ish music.Kevin Nealon is hillarious. Like seriously messed up accountant style hillarious. Ohh and Mary-Louise Parker is great as well. Allison Janney (via the West Wing) had me rolling on the floor with her pro de-crim lawyer character last week. Good sheez. Little selection from the upcoming soundtrack. You can listen to all of the tracks here.

    Sufjan Stevens - All The Trees Of The Field Will Clap Their Hands
    The New Pornographers - The Laws Have Changed
    The Mountain Goats -
    Floggin Molly - If I Ever Leave This World Alive (surprisingly a good song)


    NC Ramblings — Fred Bird's a PIMP!

    It's Kyle from work again. Sittin here waiting on some stuff to float through the wire. Watching the Cubs vs. Cardinals on Yahoo Sports' gamecast, it's pretty boring. What a brother wouldn't do for some Fox Sports Midwest. Dad's at the game, bet he's having a blast. Hopefully they get him a win in his last trip to the old Busch, not looking good. He said the NEW Busch looks awesome, how sweet is that going to be. Plan on taking a vacation during baseball season and seeing a game at the new haven for God's favorite team, the Cardinals.

    Let's see....what's going on around here....Well, one of the sports guys is out of here in a month, guess he's depressed and wants to coach high school baseball back home. Whatever gets yah through the day. The other page designer got a call from a paper back in the PA, so she'll be gone too. This place is clearing out as soon as I arrive. I'll stick it out for a year or so, but then it's "movin on up" time....sing it with me.

    Bush wants 51.8 Billion dollars for Hurricane relief. That's a large chunk of change. Bet we'd have more if we weren't fighting those insurgent bastards in Iraq. Bush'll put a jihad on those mo fos.

    That guy who put the Bears at number 30 certainly is a tool. Ordering an Urlacher jersey after work, orange one hopefully. Those babies are sweeeeetttt, sure as hell ain't orderin no stupid Benson jersey.

    About those girls Ryan was talking about: send those girls to NC, I'm a nice guy, they can get to know me. All we have out here is girls that are only legal down in South Carolina.

    One of my friends is applying for a job 3 hours south of here down in Spartanburg, SC. Hope he gets it, we'll hang.

    Panthers' game on Sunday has been replaced by one final trip to the beach. Work on this tan, pick up some shades and babe watch while I sip a cold one. We'll be back just in time for the 4p.m. NFL games.


    Herbie Hancock - Possibilites

    Ok, before you get all "ohh common man, they sell this shit at Starbucks" on me, give these tracks a listen. I haven't seen this anywhere in the blog world, yet, so I thought I'd introduce yah'll to the Herbie Hancock's Possibilities Album. Some of it is classic, some of it kind of blows, but common, are you serious?, Hancock with John Mayer (who I secretly love), Jonny Lang/Joss Stone, Damien Rice, and Trey ala Phish (for you non hippies), shit that better be good. Overall I give the album an A-, but if you took out a few tracks (Ie: Santana/Xtina), it's an A+ for sure:

    Herbie Hancock/ John Mayer - Stiched Up
    Herbie Hancock/ Trey
    Anastasio - Gelo Na Montanha
    Herbie Hancock/ Joss Stone/ Jonny Lang - When Love Comes to Town
    Herbie Hancock/Damien Rice/Lisa Hannigan - Don't Explain

    On Second thought, this is totally Starbucks Music, but hey common stop being such an asshole.