Friday, August 19, 2005

Sports like whoa/It's a War

Musicherry invited me to war. Welp, it's on biotches.

1. Clap Your Hands Say Yah - Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood
2. Ben Folds Five - Video Killed the Radio Star
3. Tool - Reflection
4. Green Day - Holiday
5. Loretta Lynn - Have Mercy
6. The Postal Service - Sleeping In
7. The Walkmen - Little House of Savages
8. Andre 3000 - Pink and Blue
9. The Chemical Brothers - Shake Break Bounce
10. One Rainy Wish - Hendrix

That's a winner...

Cy Young, holler
Randy Moss apparently likes to poke the smot. Duh.

The Bears are getting tired of Ced' Benson's shit. Me too.

Cards might still get Griffey. They need him now that Rolen is gone for the year (cry).

Indiana came in at #18 on Andy Katz's pre season top 50. Told yah. Looks like they'll miss out on Rush, though. :( There is still hope that Mike Davis can swing a deal to get Rush. One of his high school/aau coaches would probably get an assistant coaching spot out of it, just like DJ White's HS coach. Davis is one sketchy dude.

Leipheimer looks good in Germany. Now win the Tour, fool.

Have a good weekend. I'm going to force myself to stay away from the computer and get outside/enjoy my last two days of freedom. Keep on rockin'

Radiohead - Meeting in the Aisle (Running from Demoms/No Surprise EP)
Velvet Underground - Beginning To See the Light
Magnetic Fields - Take Ecstacy with Me


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