Friday, August 26, 2005

SIU's newspaper hits the wire, major papers

Well, it's to bad it had to come like this. As reported yesterday, the whole Kodee-gate thing down at my beloved Daily Egyptian on the campus of SIU is breaking into the wire. The story has found it's way to Yahoo's news page, USA Today, the Chicago Tribune, the St. Louis Post Dispatch, and as I type this, probably every morning newspaper in the country.

To top this baby off, it turns out that the paper has been contacted by a bunch of news shows... here's the list:
CNN, Dateline, 20/20, ABC News, CBS News, Nightline, The Morning Show, The Today Show and drumrole.......the Montel Show....and my buddy Mike is flying to NYC tomorrow to be on ABC.

USA Today
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
The Tribune's story requires a register, but it's the best, worth the read.
Chicago Tribune

It's a really sad day. I was super proud of working there and had a wonderful experience, but that's all somewhat washed down the drain. Thank the good lord that Kyle has a job, because after every editor in the nation gets a read of this, the DE is going to be a big "don't hire me" on resumes. Might even have to take it off mine.

Things are nuts down there from what I hear. It's really bad that this is the most publicity that SIU has received since making the Sweet 16. Even that probably didn't get as many reads as this story. The only thing that could cheer poor Kyle up is a solid ride in the morning and a beer guzzling watching of the NASCAR race at Bristol tomorrow night.

A good friend from school's career is shot, he's screwed. Time to pack it up and pick a new career. He had good internships at the Post Dispatch and Springfield's paper, and now those aren't worth a dime all because he didn't check a few facts.

Credibility is the key in this profession, and the Daily Egyptian just lost all the hard-earned credibility it had.


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