Thursday, August 04, 2005

More Of Montreal:

I've blogged about these cats before, and I'm sure I will later on, too. You like them, I like them, hell why don't we just sit around and throw an Of Montreal party in our underwear. This album is sneaky good and I personally like it a little better than The Sunlandic Twins. You think differently? Well let me know wise guy and we'll duke it out 60-style boxing and shit.

Review by someone who apparently knows what they are talking about:
Words are not sufficient to describe the glorious poppy weirdness of Of Montreal's "Coquelicot Asleep in the Poppies: A Variety of Whimsical Verse." While this band is on the second string of Elephant 6 bands, it's among the best ones -- upbeat, surreal, whimsical and gloriously peculiar.

All of these songs are live from Atlanta via 2001, me thinks. Pretty fockin' amazing.
Of Montreal_-_Good_Morning_Mr_Edminton          
Of Montreal_-_Peacock_Parasols
Of Montreal - Look_At_The_Bell
Of Montreal - An_Introduction_For_Isabell
Of Montreal - Lets_Do_Everything_For_The_First_Time
Of Montreal - A_Mans_Life_Flashing_Before_His_Eyes
Of Montreal - Its_A_Very_Starry_Night
Of Montreal -_Sleeping_In_The_Beetle_Bug
Of Montreal -_Penelope
Of Montreal -_Miniature_Philosopher
Of Montreal -_The_Frozen_Island
Of Montreal - Rose_Robert
Of Montreal - Best_Friend


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