Sunday, August 07, 2005

May the piece be with you also....

So I'm done with finals, again, for the third time this year. Man, what a year. Dental school sucks, don't go unless you really have a thing for teeth. I have two weeks off, and don't plan on doing anything relevant except for riding my bike, running, and swimming, of course. Ohh and I'm making a trip out to NC to see my twin brother, so that rocks. I need to check the charlotte/raleigh scene out, so if you got recomendations, yell that shit.

On Friday night Mere, my buddy Scott, and I went to Piece Pizza in Bucktown to celebrate my finals, again for the third time this year (see a trend here?). Sweet place. Their brewery was awesome and the pizza was "some of the best in Chicago" according to Mere, so we'll definatley be back. Apparently the cast from the real world worked there at one time, so I'm sure the hipsters love that kind of stuff, Jason Mraz probably stops by there when he's in town.

Did a seven mile run yesterday with a nasty hangover, so I'm the king. It sucked. I'm doing 15 today with Mere cause' she's doing the chicago marathon and stuff, so I'll be in a world of pain all afternoon. Great, I love her.

Grossman is all about responsibility, heh? Well, he better produce. I'm not convicned he's the real deal, and I don't think I should be. He's small, slow, and has a weird release on the ball. We'll Brett Favre, or just another Cade Mcunknown?

Healthnet owns the US scene, now. Great, I'm sure someone cares.

New Death Cab is pretty soft. They're just mailing it in, now. I'm sure all the OC children will snatch it up and it'll go platinum, but as for me, I don't really care for it, or them for that matter. Adam Brody be damned. I hope they all die from AIDS Freddie Mercury style.

Death Cab for Cutie - Marching Bands of Manhattan (from music cherry)

Speaking of sucky. Fruit Bat's got the burn via pitchfork, obvs.

Here's another thought, does anyone who visits these so called music blogs actually listen to the music, or do we all just run around and check to see who can find the most obscure, crazy stuff? Maybe it's just me.

The new Iron and Wine/Calexico, on the other hand is very good. It'll be all over the blog world on Monday (no one blogs on the weekend, apparently) so for what it's worth this is the best song on the album:
Iron and Wine/Calexico - Red Dust

More nugs:
Stephen Malkmus - Loud Cloud Crowd
Stephen Malkmus - Baby C'mon
Ben Fold - The Luckiest


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I listen to the tunes yo, but only if pitchfork tells me so. My forums went down hardcore style so I'm crying like a little girl. Grossman will get hurt, Benson will never get in camp and the Bears will suck a fat one, once again. Guess we can all be Panther fans, even though they sold out every game. Scalping rocks the party.

11:05 AM  
Blogger Kevin said...

I have my doubts about Grossman. I'm hoping Kyle Orton gets a chance, actually. The QB situation can't possibly be as bad as last year ... can it? As for actually listening to the music, that's a good question. I've thought of that myself. It's a lot to digest on a daily basis. Always wondering if we're compromising quality for quantity. Just because we can. On the flip side, I have discovered some really good stuff via blogs. Enjoy your two weeks off.

1:37 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

Pitchfork is my father.

Grossman, ummm we'll see. The tribune seems to think that he is the second coming of Favre, but I have my doubts. I'm def. going to enjoy my two weeks off. I started by doing pretty much nothing all day today, it was awesome.

3:47 PM  

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