Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Licks

I need to go see more Chicago bands. Period. I found out about these guys a few months ago and really dig what they're doing. I'm not a big name dropper, but if you are, then read the bio. It's hippie jam/rock/whatever. I like it. I think you might like it also, so check out Chicago's own The Licks:

(Via their website)
Having recently released their debut CD “It was a year ago this Monday” the Licks are teasing their way through the midwest. The CD, featuring all-star guests from the current jamband kings - Umphrey’s Mcgee and Chicago’s hottest soul-funk band – Bumpus, is a fresh dose of sweet sounds and fiery passion.

Formed in 2003 with the stars and planets aligned, the Licks have taken Chicago by storm with their raw talent. They’ve set out to fill a niche in the JamBand scene that seemed to be lacking focus and soul. Blake Sereno, stolen from the Chicago theatre scene, brings his charisma and raw, unabated voice to the likes of Otis Redding, Stevie Wonder and Chris Robinson. Paul Losoff, a classical guitar prodigy turned reggae all-star, fulfills childhood echoes of Jimmy Page, Trey Anastasio and Eric Clapton. Backed by Tim Gavin, and Andy Sviatko, and Joe Van Der Bosch a rhythm section that Paul revitalized from their previous prog-rock days, the Licks bring forth a unique source of high energy, explosive soul rock and roll.

The Licks - Big Train
The Licks - Roundabout (Highly reco'd)


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