Monday, August 22, 2005


Started school again today, doesn't even feel like I had a break. I'm tired and grumpy Lets hug it out bitch.

I like karate, who don't like karate? Their album Pockets was on my iPod 3-4 times last week, dig it. You better get into it, fool. It's jazzy and smooth, much like myself. Cheers!

Pockets continues the project of lacing shrewd rock songwriting with quirky, soulful rhythms that the band introduced with Unsolved. This time around the songs are more concise and the tempos quicker, but Pockets also has its contemplative moments. Case in point is "Water," the song from which the recording's title comes, one that begins with a century-old blues progression and gently meanders into the 8th-note strumming style of the Secret Stars, Farina's other (early-90s) band. While the sparse and trudging "Alingual" sounds straight off one of K A R A T E's early singles, the densely textured "Cacophony" and "Concrete" feature the gritty guitar work of Chris Brokaw (Consonant, Pullman, Steve Wynn, Come, Codeine).

Karate - With_Age
Karate - Water
Karate - The_State_I'm_In...
Karate - Cacaphony
Karate - Concrete


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Broke up. Sad, but true.

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