Monday, August 01, 2005

Jana McCall, best name EVER

How often do you come across a singer/songwriter with the same last name as yours? If your last name is Jones, Matthews, Dylan, or Nash, then pretty damn often. But, if your last name is McCall, like mine, you hardly ever find a gnarly singer who sports your same familial name. That's why I was excited to find out about Jana McCall. To be 100% honest with you, my devout readers, I've never really listened to her. I know nothing about her, and don't plan on going too far into the Jana McCall catalog. If you're into indie music, then i'm sure you'll find something about her that you like. Doesn't all indie music suck a little? We're compensatory creatures by nature. For the sake of all of the McCalls worldwide, I suggest that you download these two songs and listen to them over and over until your ears bleed. Then go back to your boring, everyday Dylan.
Jana McCall - Bloodlines
Jana McCall -_Today

On her debut album, Jana McCall eschews the bittersweet strains offered by the bulk of today's pop singers, preferring, rather, to lean towards more subdued, shimmery vocal stylings. There's something unnervingly Nico-esque about her lilting voice, fusing the modest 10 tracks on her record with a slightly retro, acid rock ambience. For the most part, it's an alluring approach - think Mazzy Star after a few good, strong cups of coffee. "Today" and "I Want You" rev up the
tempo without falling into hackneyed garage rock territory. On "Again and Again" and
"Deep in Blue," McCall goes where she seems the most comfortable, into haunting balladry that revolves around slow-burn percussions and the singer's echoey soprano. Jana McCall is a mood trip, for sure, but one that repeatedly draws you back for a closer listen.--Nick Heil


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